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HØST returns to Unchained with ‘Have and Have Nots’ EP


Bristol Drum & Bass DJ and Producer HØST returns to Unchained Recordings with his new EP ‘Have and Have Nots’.

For many years HØST has been a favourite of theirs. Not just because he is a banger merchant and has ridiculously good output, but also because of his gameness to experiment with head-bending aesthetics and the universe of freeform eclectic.

Since his last EP on Unchained back in May 2019, they have witnessed a meteoric rise in both his quality and quantity. It’s been one hell of a year for him, churning out another 50 or so tracks across traditional digital stores pushed out by the likes of Dome of Doom, Saturate, Hooversound and others.

However, there are also dozens of hush-hush EPs and bits within his ‘Bandcamp only’ self-released catalogue. If you’re not on his mailing list then make sure you get the fuck on it, and you can score his own releases on his Bandcamp page here for all that: https://hstmusic.bandcamp.com/

His latest EP on Unchained, entitled ‘Have and Have Nots’, follows the path of his progression as an artist with a tasteful new direction. Two gorgeous liquid rollers with rich
deep vocals by collaborators Phoebe Freya and TAURRI., as well as two dirty dirty bangers that hurt in all the right places.

Whilst the Unchained crew has Drum & Bass roots, their hope has always been to fracture new paths without losing too many club-ready ears in the process. HØST does all of that.

Today we premiere ‘Nightlife’ ft. TAURRI which you can check out below. The EP lands on Friday 17th June, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Have and Have Nots cover

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