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HØST debuts on SINE Audio with ‘Broken Bones’ EP


Whilst a relatively new name to the Drum & Bass scene, HØST has been making ripples in the beats and halftime circles for years. Over time he has gained support from Ivy Lab and Noisia with his wholly unique, wonky outlook on electronic music. Most recently he released ‘Survive’ on Hoover Sound, a slower yet effortlessly hectic release featuring a 160bpm remix from Om Unit. Now, he debuts on SINE Audio with his ‘Broken Bones’ EP.

The title track ‘Broken Bones’ is the ideal introduction to HØST’S newly fledged Drum & Bass sound. A dystopian soundscape builds in the intro before cleverly breaking down into a sharp, minimally led drop. Although, minimal is hardly accurate here, with cleverly placed drum hits and FX sounds moving around the stereo field throughout, keeping the listener on their toes.

‘Serpent’ is a dense, twisted club track that continuously mutates and transforms throughout its duration. The intro is sparse yet packed with tension, leading you into one of the more screw-face inducing drops of the EP. As the track moves forwards, subtle rhythmic changes keep you guessing as to what’s next. Eventually, this leads into a glitchy, percussive second drop.

For our premiere ‘Roar, Roar, Roar’, HØST teams up with Balatron. For the unaware, Balatron is another experimental artist with releases on the likes of Flexout, YUKU and Vandal. The track fuses both their intrinsic technical knowledge of production in what is a distorted bouncy number. It’s filled with subtle atmospherics and interferences, and even a 4×4 influenced final segment. (Check out a recent interview we did with Balatron here).

The penultimate track ‘Run It’ is another of the more club-ready tracks from the EP. A huge, piercing synth line combines with the snappy drums to drive it forward with alarming pace. Taking all these elements and downright mangling them, the second half sees an ingenious switch up that completely defies production norms.  

The EP closes with ‘WickR’, arguably the most experimental D&B track SINE have ever had on the label. HØST has a knack for making sounds feel like they are completely falling apart before pulling it all back together again. This track is a prime example of this. Unearthly sounds, syncopated percussion and that indescribable signature HØST sound gluing it all together.

Check out our premiere of HØST F.t Balatron ‘Roar, Roar, Roar’ below. The ‘Broken Bones’ EP dropped on Beatport as an exclusive on 23rd October and will be available everywhere else from 6th November. Make sure you grab this phenomenal EP from here


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