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Geostatic drops new single on DLT9


Keeping up the work of newcomers and already established producers, DLT9 is slowly starting to make some noise in the Drum & Bass scene.

The 15th release on DLT9 will transport you to the future with the experimental and deep sonics of Austrian up and coming producer Geostatic! DLT9 is the sister label of Delta9 Recordings. Their main objective is to find new talent and bring us the best sonics from the Drum & Bass underground scene.

Ranging from deep bass to futuristic melodies this release from Geostatic will take you on a little journey beginning with ‘Revelation’. The production levels are easily recognisable as Geostatic’s deep sound on this as we move on to deeper vibes with ‘Enter The Void’. The atmospherics bring the single to an end and close the circle of this little adventure into sound.

Today we premiere ‘Enter The Void’. The soundscapes and atmospherics used in this are wicked. The bass and sub-bass are deep and dark, the drums roll along perfectly alongside, while the melodic synths carry it through with more elements added as the track progresses.

With a strong and varied back catalogue on Delta9 Recordings and DLT9Geostatic is another one you should have your eyes on and watch out for this year and into the next!

‘Revelation / Enter The Void’ drops on 27th November on DLT9. Check out ‘Enter The Void’ below and make sure to grab this one from here and play it loud!


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