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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Paleblu


Paleblu is the artist alias of Ryan Gonsalves. He began his music career at the young age of 15 as an MC at Idiosynphonic raves at the legendary club Cable in room 2. This saw him on drum & bass lineups alongside the likes of DJ Hazard, Dimension, Dillinja and many more. Later he progressed his art and began to delve into the world of production and DJing.

Currently, as a producer, Paleblu has had releases on Drevobos Recordings, 3000 Deep and Trench Bass Music Records. After experimenting in the house and bassline world, his production focus has shifted to alternative music and Drum & Bass music. Within the world of Drum & Bass, he has performed as an MC at a number of high profile label nights including RAM Records, Hospital Records, Soulvent Records, Lifestyle Music, Cyberfunk and many more. 

His first solo hip-hop project ‘Bagged & Bruised’ was released back in May 2018. It was a personal project about his struggles growing up as a teenager in London. Since then he has progressed his lyricism into songwriting and has subsequently formed a new alternative live project playing with a four-piece band. The next hip-hop single comes in the form of ‘The Catch’ featuring R&B singer Luke Glaszhero, the first collaborative hip-hop project that he has released. 

Not to mention, he has been a member of the Reprezent Radio family since 2016 and his show takes place every first Wednesday of the month featuring Drum & Bass music. His unique skills as a presenter and interviewer have led him to feature guests including Ray Keith, Breakage, Cyantific, Chords and MC Rage to name a few.

At the age of 23 he has played at various venues and festivals around the UK and Europe with a variation of performances from live acoustic sets, to hosting Drum & Bass sets to playing DJ sets. Paleblu has previously performed at Meadows In The Mountains 2019, Hospitality On The Beach 2019, Secret Garden Party 2017, Hospitality In The Park 2018, Lovebox 2015, Fabric, Printworks, Volks Nightclub, Lightbox, The Nest, Ministry of Sound, Fire London and many more.

An artist with no boundaries or restrictions and someone who doesn’t like to pigeonhole himself – Paleblu is soon to become one of the leading musicians in the next generation of artists.

We’re gassed to be bringing you a Renegade Riddims mix from Paleblu today. This brand new exclusive 1 hour mix encompasses tracks from across the spectrum of bass music. Check it out below and download it for free from here


D.Y.E Pop – Balatron
Zwendel – Signal, Disprove & Ordure
The Blips – Richie Brains
My Flava – Shield 
Dun Watch It – Dub Motion
Lef Dem (feat. Redders) – Sam Binga
When Sound Was Sound – Bleep Bloop
Rufio (Klax & Holotype remix) – Mok
Infamous – Bredren
Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit) – Digital & Spirit
Say Nothin (feat. Flowdan) – Jubei
Indigo – Fixate & Lewis James
Poison Ivy – Alix Perez
Dreadnaught (feat. SP:MC) – Icicle
Inside (Klinical remix) – Nami
Hack It (feat. Duskee) – KMotionz
Cascade – Entita
Fields Of Gold – Sequences
Throttle Up – Chords & Contakt
DIY – Ground
Clash – Jappa
Smoke – Dunk
Replicant – In:Most
On Site – T95 & DRS
What – El
Broken Mind – Mistrust
Envelop – Askel & Elere
Intentions – Klinical & Unglued
Revelation – Geostatic
Simba – Data 3
Cocooned VIP – Bungle