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Dioptrics returns to Machinist Music with ‘Kirin’ EP


Stateside Drum & Bass pillar and Machinist Music co-owner Dioptrics returns with his first solo release since the devastating ‘Next Level’ EP. His new offering, ‘Kirin’ EP demonstrates considerable evolution in the Dioptrics story.

The title track, which is our premiere today, tears a hole in the reality of 2021’s dancefloor zeitgeist. Shredding lead sounds juxtapose the tastefully stripped-back rhythm section to provide one of his most exceptional tracks to date. ‘Kirin’ cuts to the core of minimal, heavy DnB of the moment, whilst maintaining Dioptrics unique signature flavour. Absolute weapon!

The minimal bassline creeper known as ‘Coffin’ delivers another dose of familiar Dioptrics weaponry. A tough two-step breakbeat regulates the track with the control and precision characteristic of a fine Machinist release. Mutilated sub-bass flows beneath like magma.

Kirin artwork

Stripping things back even further, ‘Desolate’ delivers a mid-set groove expected only from a veteran producer and DJ. Chunky drums. Inoculable bassline. Textbook Dioptrics.

Next up ‘Division’ picks up the pace with an elevated sense of urgency. Wormhole-esque mid-bass weaves through an intense stepping groove. Tense atmospherics loom on the horizon. More controlled detonation is assured.

Label partner John Rolodex lends his technique on the buttons for a VIP mix of Dioptrics’ ‘Gelato’ to round out the EP. A snappy drum kit rolls atop a judiciously-tweaked version of the infectious bassline from the original. Twisted bleeps and mangled vocals build to form a suspenseful breakdown. Straight-up dancefloor weaponry for the secret crates.

Check out our premiere of ‘Kirin’ below. The EP is out on Machinist Music’s Bandcamp now and will be available everywhere else on 20th May. Make sure you grab a copy using the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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