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Conveyor Audio marks its 1st year with their ‘Rizoma’ VA EP


Celebrating one year of Conveyor Audio, they decided to commemorate the milestone with a proper release, gathering different artists and approaches around the label’s ethos. They present a first-class Various Artists EP entitled ‘Rizoma’.

Putting some old faces together whom they had the chance to release their music previously alongside some newcomers in their headquarters and some already well-known and established faces on the scene, expanding the spectrum of the label in terms of what you can expect in the future, without a disregard for the doors that have been opened before.

Despite their intention to keep the label open to multi-genre music and BPMs, this EP is focused on the starting point of Conveyor Audio as a label and on what was the first release, seeking different approaches and outcomes to the dark aesthetic that marked not only the beginning but the path they thrived for the label, making this release a solid but heterogeneous EP, marked by the darker ambience, loaded with heavy but organic beats, approaching a common feel through the various creative inputs of different artists who compose it.

To make it more solid and meaningful, they chose ‘Rizoma’ as the title for this compilation, the Portuguese word for “Rhizome”, a philosophical current developed by philosophers Deleuze and Guattari whose concept was taken from biology and used to describe a way of thinking that disregards the centralization, hierarchy and dichotomy as prevailing and which, in fact, incorporates the multiple, the multiplicity. Characterized as an a-centred, non-hierarchical system, a rhizome is a “drawing of lines” that connect bulbs of different natures without, however, defining points and positions. These bulbs are not units but dimensions that, when altered, change the nature of the bulb itself; they are multiplicities.

In this sense, and transporting this concept to this release, a work (an Album, or a track) can either be analyzed in the light of its whole, but in terms of the various individual points or the influence and the intersection of these points with each other, as ramifications within ramifications that expand and intersect, opening links and confluence between elements.

Today we premiere YHVHSQUAD ‘疾風 [SHIPPU]’ which you can check out below. The ‘Rizoma’ EP drops this Friday 20th January, you can get our mitts on a copy from here!

Rizoma cover

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