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Logic Pro voted most popular in 2022 survey


Aux.app, the innovative new platform for remote-working audio professionals has revealed the results of its annual survey of global music producers and musicians.

Manufacturers of the world’s leading DAWs can now see them ranked in popularity thanks to the Aux data. Logic Pro was most used by 30% of the surveyed producers, followed by Garageband (26%), Pro Tools (20%), and both Ableton Live and Abode Audition at an equal 19%. Interestingly, the results of the most used DAWs have shifted since the Aux 2021 poll, with Pro Tools rising three places, Ableton Live falling one place, and Adobe Audition climbing up six spots.

Aux also surveyed the global audience to find out which music streaming service artists found the most important for their careers. Spotify took the lion’s share of the votes with 71.6% followed by Soundcloud (14.8%), Apple Music (10.2%), and YouTube only accounting for 1.1% of the vote.

49% of those asked whether the economic crisis had affected their careers stated that they had been “somewhat” or “greatly affected”.

On the flip side, the Aux App survey did discover that all is not bleak amongst the global music-making community with musicians and producers stating that they’re making $600 on average per month from various revenue streams.

The survey also discovered that streaming and live performances were the most lucrative income streams, followed by merchandise, songwriting and publishing; teaching, and the smallest amount of financial income came through the sale of vinyl.

Aux App founder, the tech start-up entrepreneur, Ben Bowler said,

As with last year’s survey, these results have directly guided our plan for building the Aux platform over the next year. We will be focussed on improving the Aux App remote collaboration experience by adding additional supported DAWs and responding directly to survey feedback. Beyond this we will also be reviewing our core features as well as our pricing model and thinking about how to expand our offering to help artists make money for their work…

To stay up to date with the platform’s latest developments, visit Aux.app


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