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Bruises land on Rebel Music with ‘Brooklyn Waltz’ EP


Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the realm of pulsating rhythms and sonic exploration as Bruises unveil their latest creation: a 4-track EP that fuses the heart-pounding energy of modern Drum & Bass with the essence of New York and the raw spirit of Brooklyn. Aptly named ‘Brooklyn Waltz’, this EP ventures into sonic dimensions that defy norms, push limits, and encapsulate the vibrant spirit of the city that never sleeps.

The EP’s leading track, ‘Brooklyn Waltz’, instantly enchants with its powerful beats and evocative soundscapes. It dances gracefully between jazz improvisation and intricate D&B patterns, immersing listeners in a musical journey through the bustling streets of Brooklyn.

‘Dragonfly’ showcases Bruises’ exceptional skill in seamlessly blending genres. Infused with the echoes of New York Jazz, this track elegantly merges piano melodies with the driving force of Drum & Bass. The result is a harmonious fusion that mirrors the diverse influences of the city, creating an intricate and engaging sonic tapestry.

In ‘Digital Dust’, featuring the mesmerizing vocal talents of MC Fokus, Bruises push their sonic exploration into the future. This track embodies the spirit of innovation and progress that defines Brooklyn’s landscape, intertwining digital elements with the raw energy of DnB. It invites listeners on a sonic odyssey through uncharted territory.

Concluding the EP is ‘Dexterity’, a track that provides a tranquil and contemplative contrast to the preceding intensity. Just as the sunsets over the Brooklyn Bridge offer a moment of respite, ‘Dexterity’ encourages listeners to immerse themselves in a world of introspection. The fusion of modern D&B and soulful elements creates a serene oasis of sonic tranquillity.

Bruises’ remarkable ability to blend genres seamlessly, convey emotions, and push musical boundaries shines through in every track, making this EP a must-listen for those seeking a sonic experience that is both captivating and thought-provoking.

Check out our premiere of ‘Brooklyn Waltz’ below. The EP drops via Rebel Music this Friday 19th September. Make sure you grab yourself a copy here!

Brooklyn Waltz cover

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