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Breakbeats & Basslines drop ‘XX Remixed’ EP


Last December, Breakbeats & Basslines officially launched itself as a record label with a six-track EP from one of Cardiff’s most notable rising stars Wrekka. They were delighted with how the ‘XX’ EP was received, so thought what better way to celebrate than by dropping an absolute monster of a remix EP aptly named ‘XX Remixed’ EP.

Featuring remixes from Tacktile, Bennie, Resslek, and Vex, ‘XX Remixed’ is their biggest and most ambitious project to date. They’ve collated the top-tier production abilities of these four highly rated artists into the form of an absolutely whopping re-work of Wrekka‘s ‘XX’ EP.

Tacktile has been let loose down the ‘Dark Corridors’ of the EP, adding his own murky array of angry bass stabs, domineering drums, and unique sound design to what was already a certified dancefloor smasher.

Bennie has delved down ‘Under’, with the resulting song evoking a set of gun fingers and bass face that you won’t be able to shake off for days.

Rising Portuguese star Resslek, who’s only just released his ‘Drei’ EP on B&B, quickly returns to the label with his groovy, sub-heavy minimal remix of ‘Minimal Damage’, utilizing Grimm‘s vocal flow to perfection.

Last, but certainly not least, is Vex‘s take on ‘All I Need’ which we premiered (check out the original track here). After giving this is a spin you’ll understand why the East Yorkshire-based artist is rated so highly. As if the original wasn’t heavy enough, this remix will be all that you need after listening to it. I’ve found that I really enjoy following up a premiere with a remix so that’s what I’ve done today!

Check out Wrekka ‘All I Need’ (Vex Remix) below. The ‘XX Remixed’ EP drops on 30th April, you can grab yourself a copy using the purchase button beneath the player!


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