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‘Blood Warden’ is our last premiere from NC-17’s ‘Most Violent Year’ LP


Today I reveal my final choice of tracks to premiere from NC-17‘s ‘Most Violent Year’ album and I have gone with ‘Blood Warden’.

Completing his epic trilogy of full-length albums, NC-17’s ‘Most Violent Year Album Part 3’ represents some of this talented producer’s best work to date. Written during the most intense part of the global pandemic, when distrust and paranoia ran rife, society as a whole began to rebel against restrictive measures.

The final act in the series is like the business end of a Louisville Slugger. An album jabbing with heavy tracks and wide soundscapes. ‘Most Violent Year 3’ is not just a concept album, but a strong representation of the time in which it was made. A true product of its time.

NC-17 channelled this amplified frustration into his studio practice, the mood producing some of the most intense and dark music from the album series. Heavily influenced by exploitation cinema and late 90s Drum & Bass. NC-17 fuses both elements delivering a unique and high-octane ride to end the series.

Alongside his stunning solo productions, Part 3 includes outstanding collaborations with Exile, John Rolodex, Logam, Philth and Kumarachi. Dispatch Recordings tell us “We are immensely proud to present this incredible culmination of a remarkable body of work!”

I’ve been a huge fan of NC-17’s ‘Most Violent Year’ trilogy and today I uploaded my final choice of tracks to showcase. ‘Blood Warden’ is an absolute face melter and I genuinely feel like this one could be my favourite of all the tracks on the album.

Check it out below and make up your own mind though! The 3rd and final part of the album drops on Friday 20th May via Dispatch Recordings and you can grab yourself a copy from here! If you haven’t already done so, make sure you also check out the album walkthrough NC-17 did for us. You can check that out here!

Blood Warden

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