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Blade drops ‘A Brand New Chill / Borough’ on Dispatch Blueprints


For certain releases, Dispatch are producing highly limited editions of 10-inch vinyl dubplates. This particular batch comprises just 30 copies. Renowned DJ, producer, and celebrated tattoo artist, Blade, presents the latest installment in the Dispatch Blueprints series with ‘A Brand New Chill / Borough’. This release pays homage to the golden era of old-school vibes while focusing on the deep and progressive aspects that define the Dispatch Blueprints label. This remarkable two-track release is brimming with authentic funk.

‘A Brand New Chill’ sets the tone with its lush, multi-layered atmospherics, evoking the sounds of a tropical rainforest. Contrasting the serene backdrop, it boasts pristine drum work and a rolling bassline, making it a must-listen for enthusiasts of the classic 90s sound.

Exploring the intricate landscapes of breakbeat atmospheres, ‘Borough’ wraps up the release with skillful edits and timeless cuts, paired with a pulsating bassline and textured funk elements.

DJ Blade’s debut for the Dispatch Blueprints series is a most welcomed addition, showcasing his exceptional talent for the label.

Today we premiere ‘Borough’ which you can check out below. The release drops this Friday 22nd September and is available for you to grab here!

A Brand New Chill / Borough cover


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