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5 Artists that influenced Flowidus


You may remember we recently premiered ‘Compressor’ from Flowidus‘ ‘Footsteps’ EP on Elevate Records. If you don’t remember or didn’t see it you can check it out here. This dynamic duo from Australia has delivered some outstanding music in recent years. Flowidus burst onto the scene in 2016, with their debut EP on Program Records ‘From The Storm’. Since then the budding partnership has unleashed a slew of releases on labels such as Onelove, Liquicity & Good Karma Music. Last year they signed exclusively to Friction‘s Elevate Records and have been going from strength to strength.

Here Raphael and Garo tell us about 5 artists who have influenced their music and career so far.

We are always influenced by any track that has a hellish bounce/groove that makes you want to nod your head and some hearty harmony supported by a beastly bass! At the end of the day, we are making dance music and the tunes need to make you move. Something that can come from a fantastic mixdown, which we have just discovered! – Flowidus


No album stands out more in our minds than Hold Your Colour. As far as influence goes, the flavours and diversity of this album have played a huge roll in crafting our sound, and thats before we even mention their arsenal of other bangers. If that came out today it would be huge. At the time it was absolutely ground breaking.

Friction – Dancing

When this song came out, it was on repeat the whole day. Such an awesome song, not just a dance track but a well composed piece of music that hits all the emotional strings but uplifts you at the same time! Works really well in a set, regardless of the crowd!

The Upbeats

Raw, grungy, heavy, funky. They can gel noises and themes seamlessly keeping it fun and bouncy while walking you to the gates of hell, or at least to the corner of the club where you can happily do your dirtiest bass face free of judgement. After listening to them for years they have always stayed true to their sound.


All of Robs tunes are fantastic. We are a big fan of using the tracks in sets but only really for the vocals and mixing other tunes in at the drop, just for some difference. When an artist is so popular in the scene, you hear their tunes a lot in sets, this is just our way of slightly flipping them in a set so it’s a bit different.


Over the years they have released so much incredible music. Aside from the fact that their scratched CDs were on heavy rotation in our barely roadworthy cars growing up, for us the main stand out is their live performances. Seeing multi-instrumentalist going hard in sync making live Drum n Bass through huge festival sound systems is about as pure as it gets. Check out the podcast Shapeshifter did for us here

If you haven’t already bagged yourself a copy of ‘Footsteps’ EP on Elevate Records you can get one from here


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