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Quartz drops ‘Hall of Mirrors’ EP



We’re delighted to be able to bring to you Quartz’s brand new EP on Metalheadz, a release that he ’s been painstakingly putting together over the last few years.

The ‘Hall Of Mirrors EP’ features an epic 6 tracks in total; 3 on vinyl with appearances from Survey and Gremlinz and 3 further digital bonuses.  The EP highlights a variety of contrasting sounds and ideas, from the ruggedness of the title track to the celestial nature of ‘End  Title’, and not forgetting the onslaught of bleeps and bass that is ‘Oblong Druid’.

This is a very accomplished body of music for a first solo  EP, with Quartz impressing in more ways than one and leaving you desperate for more.

Our Debut Transmission for you today is one of the digital bonus tracks entitled ‘Tunnel Vision’.

‘Hall Of Mirrors EP’ is available from 26th October, check out ‘Tunnel Vision’ below and grab your copy here: https://bit.ly/2yB7GRp

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