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OaT set to drop his ‘Scabs’ EP on T3K Recordings


OaT is a Drum & Bass producer on the darker side of Drum & Bass. With influences residing in and beyond D&B and electronic dance music, his sound induces atmosphere and drive ready for both action-filled dance floors and relaxed listening sessions. He had his first contact with Drum & Bass at a local club in his hometown and this paved the way for a rising fascination for heavy basslines and hard-hitting drums. The challenge to combine energetic elements with deep basslines and hypnotising shots and use the room to glue sounds together is the driving force behind his journey into developing his own signature sound.

Rounding up the first six months of a pretty diverse 2020 for T3K Recordings is another incredibly astounding EP from OaT. The German producer has been making some serious waves across the board on labels like Addictive Behaviour, MethLab, Plasma Audio, Flexout Audio, Drum Army and Overview Music since the release of his not less impressing ‘Confessions’ EP on the T3K imprint in 2019.

With his ‘Scabs’ EP he delivers dreamy synthplosions like with ‘Stream Of Consciousness’, minimal and dark tunes in classic OaT fashion like ‘The Price’, ‘Pace Count’ or ‘Ville Noir’ and closes the EP with a ravey stomper in collaboration with smeery Smeerlapp called ‘Compromise’. Given that the dude is one of the most promising producers of the last few years, one can only dream of signing a full-fledged EP of his stuff. T3K are more than happy to give this Ep a home and say that “you can certainly expect something between silky and gritty grooves plus tremendous vibes all the way.”

We’ve been avid fans of OaT for quite some time now, having premiered a couple of tracks to date. We’re really happy to present our premiere for today in the form of ‘Pace Count’. Starting off with a bang, eerie sounds follow, before the hi-hats begin to beat and the bassline gradually kicks in. Minimal, atmospheric vibes ensue, building the track into a filthy stinker!

Check out ‘Pace Count’ below. The ‘Scabs’ EP drops on 28th July so make sure you grab a copy from here!


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