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Reviewed: Third Colony ‘Remind Me, So I Can Sleep’ LP


Many labels today rely heavily on promo and aggressive marketing, so it’s hard to stand out without these attributes. Nevertheless, Third Colony Music tries to set an example with unmistakable sound interwoven with partly dramatic storytelling in a world flooded with stimuli.

The label has its origins in collaborations of NickBee (Ukraine), Deerhill (Switzerland / Canada) and The Clamps (France) during which it became clear that they have a deeper conceptual and musical connection and a common clear vision of electronic music.

Out of this emerged the combo Third Colony which in short tells a sci-fi story about the next big leap in the history of evolution. The first colony on earth was unconscious life, the second colony is conscious life (mankind) and the third colony will be whatever arrives or we create.

Meanwhile, NickBee has left the label due to numerous projects of his own but Third Colony Music is growing steadily and quietly leaves impressions in the worlds of IDM, electronic music and soundtracks. The spirit and philosophy of the label are clear, it’s about passion, dedication and the expression of ideas and concepts of possible scenarios for a near and far future.

“It’s about evoking emotions we all share, traumas, bliss, struggles, losses, hopes and an overall somehow optimistic tone. It is a safe haven for artists where they can express ideas freely, away from reality and norms, where one feels at home.”

The duo’s album, ‘Remind Me, So I Can Sleep’ is a definitive manifesto that perfectly complements the philosophy and sound of the label. It would take several pages to do justice to the songs but I will try to capture the bare essence of the album. According to the producers, the album can be seen as a musical introspection into the life that celebrates birth and commemorates the missing, remembers the past times and dreams of a better future. Generally kept in a dreamy Blade Runner-esque cyberpunk style, there are numerous moods, genres and emotions between the seventeen tracks. For example, ‘Alteration’ is quite smooth, ‘Dolor’ is full of relaxed grooves and spherical mystical situations while ‘Everything Is Calm Now’ is more and more dramatic. ‘Things Are Not What They Seem’ is simple and straightforward Electric Cyberpunk Metal which doesn’t sound like it in the beginning as the title suggests.

This is only a fraction of what this album represents and contains but I think these tracks sum up what the listener can expect. It’s definitely a wild ride through the familiar, the ubiquitous and the coming, though not always an easy one, but that’s life too.

Third Colony ‘Remind Me, So I Can Sleep’ LP came out on 29th June so make sure you bag yourself a copy from here

Links to follow:

Artist: https://soundcloud.com/thirdcolony
Label Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thirdcolonymusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thirdcolonymusic/
Bandcamp: https://thirdcolonymusic.bandcamp.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/third_colony
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs-JftALadCYKmtne6MGuaw

Umut Avialan

Umut Avialan is a Germany-based freelance content writer and life-long music enthusiast with the insatiable hunger for exploring new stuff. He combines the aforementioned to create vivid and intriguing content for several music publications online.

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