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Scepticz lands on Guidance Music with ‘Vigilance’ EP


Scepticz has been slamming out low-slung tech infused steppers for a while now. And with a focus on his solo work for the last couple of years, the Holland based producer has really started to refine and define his sound and take on the genre, showing exactly what his name stands for. And now, Guidance Music are very happy to welcome him to the fold for the first time, with his outstanding ‘Vigilance’ EP. Made up of four slick cuts, Scepticz shows a wide-ranging approach to his sound, taking the listener through dancefloor smashers as well as deeper territories.

Opening up with ‘One Way Or Another’, the die is cast and shows us exactly where real Neuro should be in 2021. Tight but not overly processed drums, allied with a real chatty bassline; this is how you do ‘98 funk now.

Title track ‘Vigilance’ signals pure dancefloor destruction from the first beat. Teaming up alongside Brazilian dons Alibi for the track, the way the intro builds quickly and succinctly into a weighty drop signals that this will be a firm favorite with DJs and partygoers alike.

‘Dark Shapes’ shows another side to Scepticz yet again, taking us on a much deeper and meditative journey, layers of melody cascading over smooth drums and pulsing bass.

And teaming up with OaT for the final track on the EP, ‘Indigo Funk’ is another late-night cut filled with clever percussion and bass stabs.

Today we premiere Scepticz collaboration with OaT ‘Indigo Funk’ which you can check out below. The ‘Vigilance’ EP drops via Guidance Music on Friday 3rd September. Make sure you grab a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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