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K2T prepares to drop his debut album


After huge success in 2019, Detached Audio is finally able to unveil label boss K2T’s debut album. Starting off as a newcomer back in 2017, K2T has constantly developed and explored his sound in order to present a stunning, emotional 12-track album that showcases the sound we’ve come to love, while also travelling into other genres and styles. Previous lead tracks from the sampler EPs, ‘Elder Spirit’ and ‘Mvua’, appear on this album alongside 10 brand new tracks of varying flavours.

D Flect

This album sees K2T mainly traversing alone through genres, with tracks such as ‘The Tranquillity of Being With The Self’, ‘Peregrination’, and ‘The Sound of The Sea’ displaying the soulful Drum & Bass sound he has become known for. However, we also see examples of K2T moving away from Drum & Bass and showcasing his downtempo versatility with ‘Where Has The Time Gone?’ and ‘The Idealist Part II’, further solidifying his diversity.

Additionally, the album comes with four collaborations. K2T recruits Detached Audio founder Manu for ‘The Wrong Room’. Tesseract Recordings‘ founder D Flect also joins forces with K2T for the first time in our premiere today ‘Moments Fly Past My Window’, showcasing a sombre jungle-infused piece packed with K2T’s signature bells. Finally, we also see a special collaboration by K2T and album visual artist, as well as old school friend, Sahara, who give us ‘A Carousel in My Mind’.

“I wanted to make an album that people can listen to as a source of comfort“. – K2T

It’s clear to see that with the breadth and depth of the music in store, K2T is likely to achieve just that.

All profits from this release will be donated to Help Musicians UK, as they believe that no one should have to suffer with mental illness alone. If anyone currently reading this has or is struggling with their mental health, you are more than welcome to reach out to anyone at Help Musicians UK, Detached Audio and ourselves at any time. Please don’t suffer in silence!

Check out our premiere K2T & D Flect ‘Moments Fly Past My Window’ below. The album is released on 13th March via Detached Audio, grab it from here.


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