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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Dark Ops


Dark Ops were formed by Section and Flashback in February 2019 after the success of their ‘Return EP’ on Section’s Locked Up Music imprint. Soon after this release OB1 From Rebel Music saw a clip of their anthemic ‘Jungle Demon’ and signed it right away, which became the title track from the debut EP on Rebel Music.

Section has been into jungle since 1994 after hearing mix tapes from the legendary club ‘Sterns’. He started collecting vinyl in 1996, bought his first decks in 1997 and has been DJing ever since.

Likewise, Flashback has been DJing since 1992 and has seen releases on a number of record labels such as Dream Fm, Hyper Records, Termoil Records, Locked Up Music, Format Music, Rebel Music to date.

Last year had lots of highlights for Dark Ops, with several gigs in London and Brighton, across clubs and radio shows. 2020 has even more in store with releases on Skeleton, Rebel Music, Locked Up Music and their first vinyl release under their new alias on Soul Intent’s Dope Plates.

The boys have a busy few weeks with gigs and releases under Dark Ops as well as Section and Flashback. If you’re in the London or Brighton area over the next few weeks you can check them out at these parties:

March 13th Dope On Plastic launch party at Discworld 6pm-9pm
March 20th Formatted LP launch part at The Castle, London
March 27th Rebel Music at Lightbox, London
April 16th Sub-Liminal Radio 9-10pm
April 18th Redrum at The Volks, Brighton
May 29th Allegiance at Rye Wax Peckham, London
May 29th Rebel Music at Lightbox, London
July 11th SR’s Squat Rave LP launch party at Discworld 2pm – 8pm
July 11th Skeleton Recordings X Locked Up Music at The Castle, London

We’ve been looking forward to getting Dark Ops on the mix series for some time after supporting them since they began their venture together. They’ve submitted a mix of some of their own music and unreleased dubs as well as a load of other artists music.

Check out their Renegade Riddims mix below and download it from here


  1. Grey Code – Juniper (Metalheadz)
  2. Inner Terrain – What’s Real (Rebel Music)
  3. Yung-E – Kogarashi (Hardpoint)
  4. Zero T & Beta 2 – Dead Cert (Metalheadz)
  5. Dark Ops – Fly Away (Dope Plates)
  6. John Rolodex – You’re The One (Machinist Music)
  7. Section – Star Shooter (Locked Up Music dub)
  8. Dark Ops – Don’t Leave Me (Rebel Music dub)
  9. Killaklan 001 – Visible Thief (Prototype)
  10. Dark Ops – Warlock (Locked Up Music)
  11. CRSV X TS – Under Siege (Locked Up Music dub)
  12. Dark Ops – Darkness Within (Skeleton Recordings dub)
  13. Adred X Commix – Recall (Metalheadz)
  14. Dark Ops – Forces (Rebel Music dub)
  15. Digital – Gateman (Function)
  16. Xolyx – Trench (Sine Audio)
  17. Mikal & Mako – Under The Earth (Utopia Music)
  18. Seba & Paradox – Love or Death (Metalheadz)
  19. Dark Ops – Sequence (Rebel Music dub)
  20. Digital & Drumsound – Bail Out Spirit VIP
  21. Dark Ops – Play With Fire (Dub)