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K2T & Option come together on ‘Still Waiting’


Fans of liquid drum & bass will most definitely recognise the names of K2T and Option, both stalwarts of deep liquid in their own right. But at Calibrate Records, they preer things a little more moody. For the imprints second release, K2T and Option give us 2 cuts of deep liquid drum & bass, tinged with a hint of darkness. Both tracks will be released exclusively to Beatport for 2 weeks on 21st February, followed by a global release date of 6th March.

Our premiere today is ‘Still Waiting’ which is the grittier of the two tracks, featuring a darker vibe from the start, followed by weighty drums and a solid bass sound. It’s certainly one that will smash the speakers in a club! This track shows off Option’s sound design capability whilst K2T keeps things interesting with foley, ambience and arrangement.

‘Celestine’ revolves around a somewhat jazz-laden piano hook, that slots neatly into the rolling drum groove set by the duo. The track features heavy sub, fluttering percussion and a tasty switch-up on the second drop that’s well worth listening in for!

This is another solid release for the fledgeling label which was founded last year as a sister label to Bay 6 Recordings. Calibrate Records is a platform for artists producing Drum & Bass, Jungle and Breakbeat music to push the darker and more experimental side of these genres.

Check out K2T & Option ‘Still Waiting’ below and make sure you grab yourself a copy as soon as it drops!


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