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DJ AB drops his ‘Hot Groovin’



DJ AB is not new to the underground music scene as he released originals and remixes on various labels (including Blood Music, Gold Nite Records, Main Course and others) during the years under different monikers.

He’s now one of the heads behind CIAO RECS, imprint with which he’s already delivered one ep “Send Out Your Luv/On It” and one single included on CIAO MANIA VOL.1 (“The Bomb”). Most recently two unsigned tunes called “Losing You” and “Girl” surfaced online on the infamous YouTube channel “Moskalus”.

With this latest release and our premiere today, ‘Hot Groovin’ he keeps his landmark sound based on hectic percussions, hypnotic leads and a special retro yet naive vibe. The package includes a straight-up ghetto house driven remix by the elusive Chicago-based producer Cameron Traxx.

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