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Booka Shade – Cut The Strings (Album Remixes)


Blaufeld Music have done a stellar job of promoting Booka Shade’s new album Cut The Strings with a double release of remixes that have been lovingly curated by a label that is all about the music and, if these selections are anything to judge by, are spot-on-point with current music trends. It does, of course help that the source material is of good quality, but the choices, whilst not obscure, are certainly not obvious and are tapping into a wave of artists who are on top form in their genres.

Claude Von Stroke brings immense maturity to his well-balanced remix, the lead cut off the album Easy Drifter. His mix is accessible and will appeal to a wide variety of floors but what is truly impressive is the way he turns, what is originally, a semi-ambient track into an undeniable floor stormer. Deep melodic pads, solid four-to-the-flour drumset and a killer riff this is blueprint work of how to tackle a remix in your own style.

Circus Recording’s boss Yousef turns in another killer remix, but true to his own style he keeps it deep, driving and percussive. The Yousef grooves are always killer, but lately he’s on top form (check A Better World on Moon Harbour) and, in my opinion, his remix lifts the bar again. Tyrell is arguably the stand-out track from the album and Yousef has sensibly utilised the lovely vocal and melody, but enhanced a catchy riff to make a strong lead that lifts the track to almost anthemic status.

Finishing up this instalment of remixes is relative newcomer Wes Wieland who adds a slightly darker techno vibe to the package. The production is mature, layering some big analogue style sounds and arpeggiated riffs to make way for a big-room moment.

Factor in the next installment of remixes coming from Bontan, Underher and Booka Shade themselves you might have to concede that, on this occasion, the remix package job has been very successful. The cynic might say that the remix artists have bettered what has been a slightly underwhelming response to the album. Don’t think about that, just relish the brilliance of Yousef and Claude Von Stroke.

Score: 9/10

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