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Dissolut debuts on NØID with “Takin You High”


Luis and Sorin, both from southern Germany, are the masterminds of Dissolut, a rapidly growing duo with a real tech-house sound as we can see in ‘Takin You High’.

They came together through their love and passion for electronic music both on headphones and on the dancefloor. Writing and producing together, they have been releasing music on labels including Sola, Realm, Get Twisted, District9, Armada Deep, Distortion, Stashed Music and more since early in 2019. Their sound takes you on a journey on the dancefloor from early morning starts to early morning finishes.

Through house, tech & progressive to minimal movement and grooves, you will hear their productions filling dancefloors around the world. “It’s about writing and producing music that flows when we’re working together, that we both get excited about and hopefully other people will too and have a good time while doing so.”

Dissolut debut on NØID with “Takin You High”, a super groovy tech-house track with ghetto attitude sure to bang the dance floor!

Check it out below and grab a copy here.


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