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Dissolut land on Wyldcard with ‘It’s All About It’ EP


Next up on Wyldcard comes a DJ duo from Germany, Dissolut.

The Teutonic pair hail from Southern Germany and are signed to a dizzying array of labels including Solä, Realm, and Abode. Label owners themselves at Noisy Neighbours, their trademark tech sound is beginning to make waves on a global scale.

Born and raised in a small town in the south of Germany, Luis and Sorin came together to form Dissolut. Both started making music on their own, gaining experiences and further knowledge. Soon after they got to know each other, they soon decided to work together and form a new project called Dissolut. Their great passion for the tech-house scene lead them to thier wish to contibute to it. Since both guys were highly involved in music early on in their lives, they are inspired by many genres. Their sound would best be described as the embodyment of their interpretation of modern Tech-House, with it’s very own touch.

‘Its All About It’ features a spoken word sample around which they create a bass-heavy groove that’s set to be a club smasher. Watch your bass bins, I’m tellin’ ya! ‘Moving On’ opens with a muted acid groove which develops into a full-blown Josh Winkathon. Rubbery rolling bass act as the bedrock on which vocal cuts and crisp percussion do their thang.

We premiere ‘Moving On’ for you today, check it out below and grab it here.


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