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Dedman drops ‘Reparitions EP’ on Lost Recordings


Dedman returns to Lost Recordings with his 3rd EP entitled ‘Reparitions’. This is another huge progression on his previous output that shows off his love for deep, resonating vibes. Since his first release on the imprint, people have all loved watching the evolution of his sound, and his latest offering perfectly encapsulates his signature style whilst providing detailed insight into the future direction of his music.

We wanted to know more about the ‘Reparitions’ EP so we caught up with Josh, who commented, “Honestly they were all 80% fun to make and 20% a horrendous ordeal.” Good to know…

When asked about his approach to writing this EP he said, “This project came about after beginning Reparations, which was actually the last to be finished. Starting that tune was a real moment for me and I felt like I’d touched into a really new sound for myself and wanted to peruse it further.”

Similarly to his previous releases, Dedman teamed up with some talented writing partners to bring the EP to life. One former collaborator and good friend – Berlin based Nomad who features on ‘Delusions Of Grandeur’, “We have a really great dynamic together and we definitely push a more melodic sound which I’m always keen for.”

A surprise vocal feature from Bristol based ADM (more well known as DJ Adam RTP) lands on ‘Perfect Shadows’. We wanted to know more about the back story, “I first got wind of Adam’s vocals after a friend sent me a tune with a few adlibs on. At first I thought it was a collaboration with Adam but when I realised it was his vocals I had to get him on a tune!”

Our premiere today is ‘Prussian Blue’ which is an absolute gem, a perfect minimal, liquid roller. A soft, subtle vocal intermittently spaced with a rolling bassline and gentle drums keep this moving along gloriously.

As he moves towards the end of his Uni course Dedman has promised a lot more music is on the way, and we don’t doubt this will seriously be worth looking out for!

Finally, we asked how he’s been coping with the UK lockdown, “Honestly not a great deal has changed for me, I’m still at work and still have to do my Uni work so mostly just writing essays haha! Have also got a PS1 so have been smashing Rayman and Worms with the girlfriend.”

Check out ‘Prussian Blue’ below. It drops on Beatport, Bandcamp and Spotify on 29th May and everywhere else on 12th June. Make sure you grab it from here


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