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BTK is back with brand new music


Returning after 5 years away while producing techno as Vinicius Honorio, Dispatch Recordings sees a return to drum and bass for BTK with four tracks fused with influence from across the board.

BTK’s music has found homes far and wide, with international releases on a wide range of the industry’s leading labels. His music has appeared on Renegade Hardware, Shogun Audio, Playaz, Dispatch and V Recordings, to name only a few. This range of imprints clearly shows the range and dynamism of his work, and an innate ability to appeal to a variety of audiences. Never treading the same ground twice, his prolific production skills have meant that he has been constantly in demand the world over.

Now, BTK is back with Drum & Bass music that he started years ago and has now refreshed and finished. His new EP ‘The Sinners’ drops on Dispatch later this week and is full of fire!

A previous version of ‘The Means Justified The Ends’ was supported by Spirit and features a vocal taken from a conversation with a friend in a bar, whilst discussing the old school. With some recent attention to this unfinished track, BTK went back to the lab and gave it a brand new mixdown for this release.

Our premiere ‘The Sinners Are Winners’ had also had support from Ed Rush but was assumed lost following a hard drive failure. After rediscovering the project in a backup, Dispatch are very proud to include this monster in BTK’s return to the genre.

Encapsulating percussive raw elements with a b-boy/hip-hop flavour, BTK and Friske’s ‘Legit’ is a collaboration that took many years to complete.

Drum and bass heavily influenced BTK’s sound for his techno alias, and the final track ‘Stay With Me’ is a reflection of his experience with techno, carried through to his 174bpm productions.

We have it on good authority that we can expect more to come from BTK on Dispatch across 2020!

Check out ‘The Sinners Are Winners’ below. ‘The Sinners’ EP drop on 14th February, make sure you bag this masterpiece from here


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