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Dutty Audio’s remix competition delivers top results


To celebrate Dutty Audio’s 10th anniversary, label owner and absolute legend of the scene, BTK decided to bring the community together for a remix competition. With over 100 submissions, it was a great experience for the team to pick the winners for this release. Originally released on the legendary Virus Recordings, ‘40 Channels of Funk’ is one of BTK’s favourite tracks as it showcases a raw and dirty side of his production skills and his perception of Drum & Bass back in 2010.

Proving that the Drum & Bass scene can’t ever have enough of up and coming and rising new talents, these remixes are being represented by the power of LOG1N from France, Switzerland’s finest Simstah, the Hungarian creativeness by tshabee, Finland’s old school flavour by Infader and the Spanish duo rising star Picota & Kumbh.

When we received the remixes through we were blown away by them, they’re all so good in their own right but we decided to go with Infader’s remix for our premiere today. The remix is inspired by old skool jungle and breakbeat sounds, which is the type of stuff that gets me really excited!

Infader is a pseudonym of Ville Räisänen, a Drum & Bass and other Breakbeat based music enthusiast from Finland. He has been making beats since ’97 using various different software, sounds and equipment. Now, Infader is building a proper breakbeat laboratory with like-minded sound explorers in Vallila, Helsinki. Slowly but surely things are starting to take shape for this producer.

Dutty Audio’s 44th release drops on Friday 3rd July. You can check out Infader’s remix of ’40 Channels of Funk’ below. Make sure you grab yourself a copy from here


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