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A.M.C set to drop his ‘ENERGY’ LP on Titan Records


A.M.C is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most impressive DJs to emerge from the UK dance music scene. He was discovered by the gang behind Drum&Bass Arena and was made resident of Drum&Bass Arena’s D&BTV when it first came about. In 2010 he won ‘Best D&BTV Live Set’ and repeated this a year later while also winning ‘Best Newcomer DJ” in 2011.

A.M.C is the head honcho behind the drum and bass label imprint Titan Records which immediately proved itself to be among the top drum and bass labels in the world. Established in 2011, it’s become an integral platform for a wealth of next generation artists who are determined to raise drum & bass’s notoriously high production benchmark. Famed for its uncompromised, future-focused signature, weight and aesthetic; over the years Titan has played an influential role in the careers of many significant next-wave drum & bass artists

The last 10 years have seen A.M.C develop a unique, influential and respected position within drum & bass. His attention to detail, technical articulation and patience paying off more and more with every year. Although being heavily into production these days, the main focus is still on his DJ sets: big combos, astonishing double and triple drops, speed mixing and combining classics and dubplates: he does it all. With a very large and continually growing DJ schedule, A.M.C is definitely a name that has been immortalised in the Drum & Bass history books.

This Friday (27th September) A.M.C is releasing his highly anticipated album ‘ENERGY’ on his Titan Records, following a succession of hefty, club orientated cuts the full album presents just as much dancefloor vigour. Pulling together records like ‘Mind the Gap’, ‘Look Out’, ‘Instigator’, ‘Courier’ and ‘The End’, we’re also introduced to a ton of fresh tracks, all exemplifying how A.M.C is able to inject the same raucous energy from his DJ sets into his sound. ‘ENERGY’ takes you on a complete journey and is absolutely rammed to the rafters with banger after banger! Today, we premiere ‘Nitro’ to give you a little taste of what else you can expect from this outstanding album.

In conjunction with the release of the album, A.M.C is taking to the road with a tour around England. You can grab your tickets from here

Check out ‘Nitro’ below!


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