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A.M.C tells us his Top 5 Jungle tracks


A.M.C is a multi-faceted artist in the truest sense – not only is he the type of DJ who has become legendary within the echelons of drum and bass, but he’s also just as skilled as a producer. The arsenal of music he’s unveiled over the last few years has proven this part of his identity. His tracks get just as much of a reaction as his sure-fire sets.

The producer has been able to cross the gap between bad boy selector and song writer, with the latter half of his artistry pushing him onto the forefront of the agenda for 2019. And that’s because, towards the end of this year, his ‘Energy’ album is set to drop! Following the release of singles ‘Mind the Gap’, ‘Courier’ and ‘Look Out’, he’s about to let go one more track which nods to the levels that A.M.C has achieved for his debut LP. It’s also a slightly different take on the sound which is slowly making him an infamous figure in the set lists of many other elite DJs, which will be a welcome direction for many listeners.

‘Instigator’ flips the switch on A.M.C’s more dancefloor edge and instead takes you through junglist territory, reaching for colliding breaks and growling vocals. The tell-tale fierceness which comes with all of A.M.C’s productions is molded through a different angle. Thumping hooks shift their way through the mix and as it opens, the track’s patches of bass come at you full throttle.

‘Instigator’ accelerates the pace towards A.M.C’s ‘Energy’ LP and following the second series of his ‘Energy’ fabric takeovers, which saw him go back to back with the veteran drum & bass figurehead Mampi Swift, there are more surprises to come from his stretching influence.

A.M.C let’s us into his vast knowledge of jungle music by selecting his favourite tracks, reaching way back through the years.

“Firstly, it’s very difficult for me to not have every single one of these as Dillinja tracks. The guy is such an inspiration to me and the scene in general, but I will throw some others in just to mix it up.” – A.M.C

Dillinja – Silver Blade

Ok starting off with Dillinja then haha. Annoyingly I can’t remember the first time I heard ‘Silver Blade’ but the tune just has everything. From the amazing Bladerunner style intro to the slamming bass and Dillinja’s incredible drums, this tune has it all.

Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Remix)

The original teaser tune before Bad Company’s ‘The Nine’ came around. Even if you don’t know the name you know the tune, that’s how heavily played it was and, in some cases, still is. Perfect vocal, amazing pads and the iconic piano to top it off.

Future Cut – Whiplash

DROP! Even if you didn’t hear the super catchy leads coming in a mix the minute you heard “drop!” you knew it was about to go off. This was jungle in its darker state and when it dropped in clubs like The End (RIP) in London the place would erupt. Whatever happened to Future Cut?

Crown Jewels – Money In My Pocket (Dillinja Remix)

There are so many Dillinja tunes I could have picked. ‘All Aboard’, ‘I Wanna Know’, ‘Luscious Nights’, ‘Deep Deadly’ Subs Remix, ‘Sovereign Melody’, SO MANY! But I thought I’d pick one you probably haven’t heard before. This remix came out of nowhere and I’m pretty sure it’s Mc Det on vocals. Seriously though make sure you also check out the others I mentioned above. Game-changing music.

Dj Die – Play It For Me

Die was also a groundbreaker when it comes to early jungle production. He had a mental amount of music out and everything was sick! You could easily fill an hour set and more with his beats. ‘Play It For Me’ was the tune I was after for ages back in the day but I never knew the name. I’d literally be asking people “what’s the tune with the trumpet before the drop?”. Eventually, I found it through Bryan G and its stayed in my sets ever since.

NOTE: Upon further investigation, we have found that Future Cut are still releasing music…this has made us very happy!

Check out A.M.C ‘Instigator’ below and grab a copy here


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