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And that’s a wrap for Deadmau5lots of shows in row, Big Apple Edition, and man were we blown away! March 29th through April 1st, Joel Zimmerman a.k.a Deadmau5 made his triumphant return to New York City for four sold out shows at the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom, and the mau5 delivered four for the books.

Opening act Feed Me kicked things off with a high energy, bass-heavy set as fans  adorned with mau5heads and embellishments poured in by the masses in high anticipation for the mau5 and cube2.1At 9 p.m. sharp the lights dimmed and a heightening rumble of electronic drums swept the room. A shadowy figure appeared peering down from a massive 3D-LED faceted cube structure, and the ballroom was consumed with howls of excitement.

Deadmau5 began the evening with a progression of ambient tones before tossing on his signature mau5head at a quarter past 9 and taking things into full-mau5-throttle. cube2.1 illuminated with comedic visuals, 3D landscape simulations, dancing cows, mau5head creatures galloping about, and a multifaceted Rubik’s Cube. The design and execution of cube2.1 was pristine and impressive considering the tireless work behind building the five light-deck structure.

Striking visuals in collaboration with a solid rolodex of mau5 tracks, both new and classic, created a cohesiveness of pure joy felt across the full two-hour production. Personal highlights included No Mana “Laser Beam” from we are friends vol.6 and acclaimed tunes from W:/2016ALBUM/, “Let Go (feat Grabbitz)” and “Whelk Then”, PLUS several classic mau5 tracks including “Strobe”, “Ghosts ’n’ Stuff”, and “The Veldt”. Considering the variety of genres touched on the last two mau5 albums, the crowd was both surprised and pleased at the 90’s hip-hop inspired beats mid-set, ambient transitions, signature bass-heavy productions, and a freestyle from deadmau5 himself. ‘lots of shows in a row’ showed fans first-hand the unique depth and range of Deadmau5’s musicality.

Ultimate crowd pleaser: “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (feat Rob Swire)”, the opening tempo so piercing that Deadmau5 had to refresh the track. Check out the crowd reaction below…

For the cherry on the mau5 cake, Deadmau5 closed Friday’s show with a dubstep remix of “Raise Your Weapon” before parading the stage to sign a few items for fans. Later, Zimmerman was caught in front of Hammerstein Ballroom providing more face-to-face fan interaction. Overall, a stand-out performance and visual presentation from Deadmau5 that left use yearning for “Moar Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”.

Custom Ron English mau5head which was painted live at last week’s ‘lots of stuff in a store’ POP-UP SHOP in NYC (powered by FANCY.COM) is available to WIN ONLINE. All funds received to benefit NYC-based Charity WIN TO AID HOMELESS WOMEN & CHILDREN.

Enter here: OMAZE.COM/deadmau5


Photos by Chris Lazzaro – FreedomFilmLLC.com



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