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PIXELYNX and Beatport Team Up to Launch BeatKOR, Enabling AI-Generated Music Creation


PIXELYNX, an interactive music platform co-founded by deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin and majority-owned by Animoca Brands, has officially launched its BeatKOR AI music collection in collaboration with Beatport, the global leader in music for DJs, producers, and their devoted audience. Within PIXELYNX’s music platform, KORUS, BeatKOR introduces new interactive features, allowing both creators and enthusiasts to remix music from both established and emerging artists.

BeatKOR stands as the most recent addition to PIXELYNX’s collection of KORs, digital companions that empower creators and fans alike to generate AI-generated music on the KORUS platform. Earlier this month, PIXELYNX unveiled GenKOR, the initial public version of these KORs. GenKOR enabled fans to remix fresh content from mau5trap artists like Lamorn, Speaker Honey, and Volaris, allowing them to save up to 10 of their remixed tracks for free. With the introduction of GenKOR, users gained the capability to purchase and download their own tracks, initiating the development of their artist portfolio and facilitating the sharing of their creations with other users. The launch of BeatKOR accompanies new features designed to enhance this creative experience.

“BeatKOR empowers artists who choose to share their stem files with fans, granting fans the freedom to explore their creativity through remixing,” explained Robb McDaniels, CEO of The Beatport Group. “Artists are the lifeblood of the music industry, so empowering them to shape the narrative of this new era of artist-fan collaboration, while safeguarding their rights, lies at the core of our philosophy with BeatKOR and all our endeavors at Beatport.”

“There is currently much speculation about how AI will impact musicians, especially concerning whether it will disrupt artists’ livelihoods and weaken the connection between artists and fans. Our partnership with Beatport is ushering in a new format of personalized music experiences that seek to empower artists and enhance the value of their music directly within their community. BeatKOR has arrived,” stated Inder Phull, CEO of PIXELYNX.

The KOR companions assist users in creating new compositions using officially licensed music stems and tracks known as Artist DNA. After the reveal, PIXELYNX will unveil the BeatKOR collection on September 13, featuring officially licensed stems and tracks from renowned artists, including Jitwam, Elle Shimada, Brux, and others.

Users will be able to craft their personalized remixes and engage more deeply with their preferred music communities by participating in activities such as voting, trading, remixing, and sharing music. Users can even choose to “own” their songs by officially placing them on the blockchain, granting them commercial rights to release and utilize their music in novel ways. KORUS will also assist users in distributing their music to DSPs with support from official partners.

To acquire a BeatKOR, users can visit PIXELYNX’s KORUS website, where they can commence remixing, saving, and downloading their newly created outputs to share with fellow creators within the KORUS ecosystem.