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Waveform Festival 2013 line-up

HANGING GARDENS LIVE STAGE (hosted by CATS CRADLE & BABYLON UNDERGROUND) Dreadzone; Orb Sound System; System 7; Zion Train (Perch & Dubdadda); Slamboree Soundsystem; Suns of Arqa; OOOD (Full Live Band); Astralasia; Zetan Spore; Infinite Collective; Axis Mundi; Orangafruup; Kalichakra; Flutatious; Nanosphere; Buck Fillington vs. Melc; Orchid Star; Markie B (Erb & Remedy); Lebrosk; B-Sub-Lime; Wiggzaro; Melosa; Bad Tango; Broken Eye; Motna; Shiny; Luke Hooverhead; Dread 1     WAVEFORM PSY STAGE hosted by (TRiBE of FRoG) Mechanimal; OOOD; Neuroplasm; Re:Creation; Crystal Monkey; Peak; Subliminal System; Pickle; F’da F’da; Psychosonic; Timmer; Dr Psy; Wicki; Hypnocoustics; Occular; Flooting Grooves; Chris Rich; Dataura; PLUS an exclusive LIQUID SESSION feat. – Chameleon; Monk3yLogic; Mebjar; Liquid Ross vs Mike Logic     CONTENDER CORNER ELECTRONICA STAGE Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols); Run Tingz Cru; Shockone; Eddy Temple Morris; Laid Blak; Chris Liberator; Rodney P; Squat Dom; Geezer; Dogshite; The Drop; Undercover Hippy; Ipcress; Pablo; Neurodriver; Llamaleaf; Seashoe; Ade; Agent Smith; Kitson; Dr Meaker; Vent; Unit 9; ill Audio; Apply The Breaks; Freshold & Retrix; Captain Flatcap; Dready Glen; Miss Grace; Lockdown; Jessi G aka Bombshell; Mary Miss Fairy; Havok     DOWNTEMPO  STAGE hosted by (GAIA CHILL & EARTHEART DRAGON CAFÉ) Dr. Alex Paterson; Astralasia; Mirror System; Sephira; Lunarsonic; Nova; OOOD; Wadada & Angel-I (Suns of Arqa) present Stranger Music; Pete Ardron; Chillion; Globular; Dymons; Flooting Grooves; Cosmosophy; Toulliche; Bez23; Red Earth; Liquid Lounge; Arcturian Soul; Another Green World; Terra Nine; Tiffany Lunn; The Beaupreau Project; Michele Adamson; Laekyn; Naked Nick     PROG & TECH HOUSE STAGE hosted by (CHOONY’S HOUSE) Alex P;  CJ MacKintosh; Chad Jackson; Choonmaster; Colin Dale; Dr. Alex Paterson; Jon Tyrell; DJ Ruby(Malta); Sally J; Disruptive Influence; PTE; Paul von Goulding; Autolump; Phat Chex     WORLDSHIFT ARENA hosted by (WORLDSHIFT MEDIA) Thomas Sheridan (Artist, Author, Musician, Satirist); Iain Hossack (Sustainability Consultant, Public Speaker); Bruce Archangel^ (Shifting to the Sacred Space of the Heart, Merkaba Programming, Distance Healing, Negative Entity Removal)     SUN-MOON ARENA New for 2013…PsyArt Installation and Visuals set you on a Cosmic Ride to the Stars and back…feel the Ultimate Expression of our Reality.     GREEN VILLAGE New for 2013…Green Village featuring stunning views from the Top of the Hill; Healing Garden; Alchemy Temple; Stone Circle; Solar Showers; Worldshift Workshops, and Talks, and Holistic Market.

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