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V/A – MEXA Xummer Xampler Vol.2


MEXA.jpgLabel: MEXAScore: 8/10 

Louie Fresco’s MEXA label has really gathered steam of late, with their propensity for luscious, fresh-sounding house music always going down a storm regardless of the weather. Even so, theirs is a sound that’s best suited to warmer climes, and so it is that the imprint releases Xummer Xampler II, a play on words sure; but one that still arrives at the tail-end of the European summer. 

In Mexico, however, things are only hotting up – and Xummer Xampler II (the second such installation from MEXA) is a fine indication of the sweltering sounds about to envelop north america. Packed with pop punch, 80s influences, techno timbres and house leanings, it swaggers with an eclectic swing that harks throughout too. From Den Ishu’s frantic opening on ‘Universal Language‘ to FreakMe’sTake Your Time‘ to new MEXA signing Nikola Cruz’sNeon‘, it’s abundantly obvious that the label is keen to showcase its diverse aesthetics here. And boy, does it do so with some panache.

Even so, the highlights arrive towards the second half of the package, when things get a bit more off-kilter, deranged and occasionally, downright weird. There is, of course, nothing whatsoever wrong with going off the beaten track from time to time, and if anything, it’s refreshing to note the many chances that MEXA take from moving away from their ”traditional” sounds here. ReAxis and Kohra’sPolar‘ is a fine indication of the latter, as it moves and shimmies with some distinction and a catchy, bellowing wit that’s sure to prompt many a hands-in-the-air moment.

If the latter is to emphasise the notion that MEXA is no one trick pony, then further spooky tracks a la WD2N’sFuture Society‘ only serve to cement the point. The Reverse People’sFeel Bad For Ya‘ is contemporary disco in its finest form, WET’s culminating ‘Decisions‘ is more minimal that Hawtin’s front room and the likes of PAX’sPanacea‘ is laden with personality. In spite of its many different faces, it’s all still wrapped up with an ease that’s not always attributable to such sample collections.

Indeed, there are numerous moments of appeal here, for sure, and something for house DJs of every distinction. Our advice? Dive in head first – with so much going on, chances are something will take your breath away. 


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