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colour_series_1_booklet_JPEG_SMALL.jpgLabel: Colour SeriesScore: 8.5/10 

Ibiza based label Colour Series might not have put their hand to too much music since their inception last year, but if the Colour Series Volume 1 compilation is anything to go by, they’ll be around for some time yet. Conceived by Ibiza dweller and We Love Space resident Jem Haynes, the label adopts a musical guise that calls on a number of influences and sounds, as is indicative on a journey through sound that’s quite clearly been produced with warmer climes in mind. 

Sounds of Juan regular Sam Chorlton is a pretty ubiquitous fixture on the comp, and he eases us in through the soothing sounds of ”Reflections”. Warm, deep and assured, it’s exactly the sort of music that pays homage to the legacy of the previously alluded to Mr. Atkins. Rick Grant’sNo Gas” makes a pit-stop at a place that, too, celebrates the Motor City, before Chorlton rears his head again for the similarly excellent ”That Tension”. There’s much to admire about this package, but the discovery of Chorlton’s talents is what leaves the most marked impression.

Much of the rest of the compilation is dedicated to Haynes’ collaborations, with both Ian Blevins and Mike Peters joining the label boss. Haynes’ only solo outing is ”A Beautiful Place”, a record that – through well-traversed but well adhered to techniques – is among the compilation’s most high-octane moment.

Of Haynes’ collabs, ”Fly Back”, with Blevins (under the duo’s Second Line alias), is the most noteworthy, with its barrage of jazzy chords sure to prompt dance floor consternation. ”Daylight”, too, is an excellent addition, as Haynes pairs up with Mike Peters for a majestic, sweaty, percussion fueled workout that’ll appease those seeking an Ibiza-inclined anthem. In many ways, Colour Series Volume 1 is a fitting indication of the state of electronic music right now, with its many contrasting sounds emphasizing the eclecticism coursing throughout many contemporary labels. A job well done – and here’s to the next chapter.


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