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Twitter Launches Music App



It seems that Twitter is no longer only useful for online gossip, trends and pointless rambling tweets from your friends anymore as the social network has decided to use its huge platform to share new music with us via its new music app.

Speaking on ABC News the site finally confirmed what many of us have suspected and whilst not a fully fledged music service it shows the online giant entering the music marketplace. So if not a full blown music service, then what is it? Well what it is a ‘Discovery App’ and as so examines trends within your twitter followers and which artists/celebrities/friends you follow, so it’s a bit  like getting music recommended to you by your friends, if some of your friends happened to be superstar musicians and other celebrities.

For the last week Twitter has been beta testing the new app with a varied group of musicians ranging from international artists to fairly underground acts who have all been tweeting out their thoughts on the new app. So the next time you get recommended a new track it’s just as likely to have been from Daft Punk as it is your mate Dave. Brilliant.


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