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Twitter teams up with SoundCloud



All music fans can rejoice, as you can now hear your favourite tracks, data transmission premieres, podcasts, mix of the days and see all the news, without leaving Twitter.  Hoorah we hear you say!

They teamed up with SoundCloud to enable users to listen to tracks through a tab called Twitter Moments.  Just like the video autoplay feature, where Vine clips will play automatically when you scroll through your timeline, the new SoundCloud feature autoplays audio clips in the same way.

Twitter said: ‘The integration will allow users to be able to listen to SoundCloud tracks directly within Twitter Moments. Moments is a great way to discover the most compelling and buzz worthy stories on Twitter instantly, and SoundCloud’s inherently social infrastructure makes it easy to bring the newest music to the forefront, with 12 hours of new content shared on SoundCloud every minute.’


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