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tINI Versus Guti



When we were offered an interview with Desolat pairing with tINI and Guti we were full of questions yet in a break with tradition we thought it’d be interesting to have the two acts interview each other to get a fresh perspective on what makes these artists tick. So without further ado we reveal what happened when Guti caught up with label-mate tINI and vice versa…

Guti for tINI

Did you ever think of having long blonde straight hair?

Actually all my friends try to do this with me. But I am afraid of losing my curls, haha. And no, I don’t want that! I love my hair as it is even if it’s not easy to handle!

Which was your dream when you were a kid, and what are your dreams right now?It’s funny because I talked with my Mom about my dreams when I was little and I think I was 10 years old when I told her that I wanted to have a job one day where I can fly a lot, as I was obsessed with planes. Nowadays I am flying more than taking a bus. Dream job: √ My dreams now? Staying as healthy and happy as I am right now, being able to live my life like this for the longest time possible. And a little family one day.With all this ‘sex sells’ going on… you have managed to keep your integrity pretty well. Do you feel that being a female in the industry makes things harder or easier?I am not a big fan of this feminist topic. I totally believe that every man or woman can make it to the top or fail as a DJ or musician. I don’t really understand why there are only few woman DJs. I always had a lot of support from my male colleagues but maybe because my I’ve managed to keep my integrity? It’s sad to see how some artists out there try to fill the lack of talent with a certain amount of naked skin. But this would not happen without some “dick driven” guys out there who book “superstar dolls” instead of artists. Fortunately there are a lot of promising (new) female talents out there who make music for the right reasons! And I will do my best to support them such as Anthea, Janina, Bella Sarris or Oshana just to name a few. You will hear them this summer at “tINI & the gang” in Ibiza! How was the first time you played for money, and what did you do with that first paycheck?It was back in 2003 and I spent all the money right away in that night and celebrated my first DJ earned fee with my friends!

We all have had horrible nights. Tell us about the worst gig of your life.To cut it short. Flying 9 hours to another country to arrive completely jetlagged and go straight to the club where there is not the right equipment! Well, and only 7 guests! I played for the 7 guys and girls and I think I managed for them to enjoy their little private gig!You just turned 30. How that does feel that feel both as a woman and as an artist?After having plenty of little crises the months before I had my 30th birthday … I have to say that it’s actually not that bad! I still feel much younger inside and I try not to care about a number, more about how I feel!What’s the next step? What are we going to see from tINI this year?Another season full of love and “tINI & the gang”, new productions. Maybe a new album? A lot of music and a way too loud voice on my own radio show in the 2nd season “IT COULD BE WORSE”

tini.jpg  tINI for Guti

What is it to be a Polish Argentinian? How do your two roots influence you?

Well it is more Russian / Argentinean, my family is a big mix. In terms of culture to geography, we are everything and nothing. My mother was born in Uruguay. That was a big influence – Las llamadas, El Carnaval and Candombe.  I guess I picked music up when I was a little kid there during the summer holidays with my grandmother and my uncles, they were all great musicians. my family is spread all over the continent. Typically Latino.

Do you want to have a family with little kids one day?

I would love a big family with dog and garden and all the stuff. But I know I still need to grow up. Find the right woman for which I am the right man. Music is everything for me right now. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life living for and of the music, and it is hard to think another way of living right now. I still have some dreams and things to achieve myself before I think in the next step.  Where do you get your inspiration from? Who is you favourite non electronic artist?

I really don’t listen to electronic music at home. At least not club music. I know that sounds weird but I really don’t. I love to write music, produce records. But I just can’t do it. I prefer paying piano or listening to jazz. Or any kind of instrumental music. But I can’t do club music at home. Inspiration comes (when it comes) from my experiences. Falling in love, broken hearts, illusions, dreams. Experiences from other cultures. We are lucky to travel the world to see so many cultures. To experience different people, different music. Everything changes you and your music. My favorite non electronic artist is Oscar Peterson – he was just incredible  How many instruments can you play, and at what age did you learn them?

I mainly play everything with keys on. I like to play around with other instruments and some interesting things come out of it. But its better I stay playing piano. It is my first love. The first time I discovered the piano I was a little kid at my aunt house in Montevideo. I remember my sister knew a couple of songs and I tried to copy them. So it was really playing around the first few years.  But I then had formal education some years later. You never stop learning things in music. So I’m still on it.  Do you miss your times as rock ‘n’ roll super star?

It was fun. Very wild. It was also very different because you are a band. People come to see five of you. You are behind the singer. The front man. That gives you space and freedom. You are more protected in your own world. Also that’s why we were so crazy I guess. I miss some things. I miss the guys. All those sweaty nights form basements to stadiums. We grew up together. And also I guess I miss being 20 years old.  What is the best thing to ever happen as a rock star?

I did not snort my father ashes put it that way… but I’ve had some great experiences 😉

And what’s the worst thing to ever happened as a live act?

It was in 2011 I was playing in Argentina with Dice and Richie. A huge party. In the middle of my set my computer freaked out and shut down.No more music. 10.000 people looking at me.  Silence. I had to restart and the whole thing took me 2 minutes… it was the longest two minutes of my life.It was so bad. Because I had no idea what happened. The next hour was a nightmare waiting for my computer to shut down again. It was so tense… in the end I’ve managed to finish my set. And the party was great. Memories.

What’s is in Guti’s head right now? Any exciting things coming up? What are you working on right now?

Music. My project for this year is this jazz album that I’m currently recording. It’s instrumental music, and trippy. I will also start my own label to release this album.

I am starting a live act with a Buenos Aires legend to play the music out. It will be a band. There will be loads of keyboards, emo and exciting. I am super proud and can’t wait to release that. Also there are interesting and different collaborations with Davide Squillace, Benny Rodriguez and Luca Bachetti for the dance floor.

tINI & Guti play SideXside on Saturday 9 February at Shoreditch Warehouse. Go to londonwarehouseevents.co.uk for tickets. 5 Years of Desolat is out 4 February, 2013. 


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