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Technimatic – By Any Other Name



While the process of an artist name change is undoubtedly a diplomatic one I was curious if Andy Powell, the Komatic half of Technimatic, on the phone to me from the depths of his local Home Base, was a tiny bit miffed it wasn’t altered to Komacolour instead? There’s a moments laughter. “Yeah I’m actually secretly seething under the skin. We had a massive band fall out about it and everything. Nah, I’m only joking!” he says before continuing. “When we decided to merge the name we did so because we’d been working individually for so long, it was like the start of a new chapter. We had a meeting with Shogun throwing loads of different names about. One thing that kept cropping up was that people into our music naturally started to call us Technimatic. We liked the sound of it, it fitted, so we went from there.”

The duo formally known as Technicolour & Komatic are the latest act to have made the grade from sister label SGN:LTD, who signed them exclusively sometime in 2012, to fully fledged artists on Shogun Audio earlier this year. Following in the footsteps of fellow luminaries such as Alix Perez and Spectrasoul, their ascension through the ranks has been noticeably quick and fairly surprising even to them. “The original conversation we had was to do an album project with SGN:LTD, which was better than we had ever hoped for, so we 100% said yes. To be honest our sound was kind of naturally developing towards Shogun anyway. Ed Friction is quite partial to liquid melodic stuff so it felt like the right fit. As the album project started to take shape we were obviously having regular A&R meetings with them, and they were becoming quite impressed with some of the sketches and ideas we were delivering. As time went on and we were having more meetings, I remember one day we were getting close to the album being finished and wrapped up. Ed and K-Tee took us for a beer, we had a listening session then they turned round and told us that we were being moved to Shogun proper. For us that was the crowning moment. It’s what we’ve worked so hard towards.” Their track Bristol, featured on Friction’s Fabric Live 70 mix and also as part of Shogun’s Way Of The Warrior 2 compilation, definitely helped pave the way for their graduation; the track being many fans standout on both. “I think that was the tune where maybe a lot of people who hadn’t heard of us before suddenly started to take notice. I would say Bristol did big things for us definitely.”


There is unquestionable high praise for their new label home too. “Shogun really is like a family unit. We massively appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes; yeah we write the music but you need the right team behind you to help get it out. We’re full of admiration for them and it makes us want to raise our game.” Having gone through some personnel changes, Technimatic are enthusiastic about the future for the new look Shogun Audio. “For us, it’s exciting. They have a clear plan of where they see Shogun and we feel proud to be part of that. I think it’s going from strength to strength at the moment.”

Preceding their upcoming album is the single Like A Memory. “We wanted to go in a bit of a different direction but try to make something which is still very much a trademark of our style. We wanted to make it a bit more for the dance floor and we aimed to do something from a songwriting perspective as well.” Drafting in the sweeping emotive vocals of singer/songwriter Pat Fulgoni help add an extra dash of class to Technmatic’s already pristine musical palette. Although, as Andy explains, Pat was initially brought in for something completely different. “We really wanted a male vocalist for Like A Memory. It just had that kind of sound that would suit it. We’d actually been put onto Pat for a different sketch we were working on for the album. The vocal we were using wasn’t quite fitting for the idea we had at the time. We all really liked it but felt it just wasn’t hitting the mark. All of a sudden we realised we had the instrumental for Like A Memory and wanted a vocal for it. Luckily it was in the same key so we lifted the vocal out of the first project and once we laid it down all three of us were like ‘that’s the one!’”

And what of the album? I got a sneaky little tidbit from Andy about their forthcoming debut, Desire Paths. “We called it that because for the last 15 years we have been desperately trying to make it in terms of being producers, DJ’s, musicians alongside our massive love affair with drum & bass,” he says. “A desire path is the worn away bits of grass you see where people have decided to veer of the main one that has been laid down for them and go their own way. It kinda sums up what the album is about. It’s us on our journey trying to find this path, trying to craft this new way of life for ourselves. Every track has something behind it that conveys what we’re trying to say with our music. Hopefully that comes across.”

Shogun Audio presents Technimatic ‘Desire Paths’ album launch @ The Nest, London on Wednesday 16th July. More information and tickets can be found at: www.shogunaudio.co.uk/news/technimatic-lp-launch-party-16th-july


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