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Synkro – Lost Here



Label: Apollo Records [R&S]Release: 2/12/2013

There is a tranquillity in Joe McBride’s work that belies his 140bpm+ operating tempo. Technically this would start to push you from the upper echelons of dubstep through into drum’n’bass, yet the Synkro project moves with slow motion ebb and flow. Rather than hit you with aggression and intensity, you are cradled into tranquillity. This is clearly evident on Lost Here, McBride’s third release for the label, with the only obvious tells of moving at speed coming through the flurries of high end percussive work that runs through this quality four track EP.

Accompanied by vocalist Robert Manos on ‘In My Arms’ and the title track itself, the serene landscapes provide a backbone for some perfect slices of electric soul, smooth but not sticky and cloying. Although this isn’t to say that the instrumental pieces are any worse for being vocal free; Nights Of Pleasure’s falling stars drift across a cosmic canopy above your head, and ‘Fading Lights’ unexpected amen bursts cause surges of adrenaline to suddenly fire around your system, the tension then melting away and taking your bone structure along with it.

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