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Synkro Outlines ‘Changes’



There was a tranquillity in Joe McBride’s work that belied his 140bpm+ operating tempo. Technically this should have started to push you from the upper echelons of dubstep through into drum’n’bass, yet the Synkro project moved with slow motion ebb and flow. Rather than hit you with aggression and intensity, you were cradled in tranquillity. This was clearly evident on Lost Here, McBride’s third release for the R&S offshoot Apollo, with the only obvious tells of moving at speed coming through the flurries of high end percussive work that ran through the quality four track EP. Needless to say, we’re big fans of his here at DT.

Thus it is with a good deal of excitement that we received news that the Manchester man’s much anticipated debut album, Changes is set to arrive via Apollo this September. Following on from last years Transient EP – listeners can expect a more downbeat tempo than they may have become accustomed to on the album – the LP reportedly took influence from the likes of Tangerine Dream with the producer focussing on electronic music’s earliest manifestations “Finding early electronic music has always been a massive inspiration to me, learning the roots of where everything we listen to now comes from” explains Synkro before adding “It always amazes me how much has already been done with electronic music but it still keeps progressing.”

Check out title cut ‘Changes’ below


01 Overture
02 Shoreline
03 Your Heart
04 Changes
05 Let Me Go
06 Holding On
07 Body Close
08 Empty Walls
09 Midnight Sun
10 Harbour