Survival & Silent Witness – In From The Wild

Album Reviews

DISSSLP001_digi_continuous_v1.jpgLabel: Dispatch RecordingsScore: 9/10After many collaborations together on various labels across the drum and bass scene, Survival and Silent Witness have put their musical heads together once more for a full length effort on Ant TC1‘s Dispatch Recordings, a label where the pair could be considered more than just ‘extended’ family.A long player in the truest sense of the word, In From The Wild’ is a 20+ track offering and, as expected, loaded with quality. Sound wise all bases are covered, from album opener The Feeding’ which showcases the style these two have mastered downthe years, rolling drums and gritty as fuck basslines, via the clicky minimalism of ‘No One Home’ to the jungle vibes of ‘Apache’ and its utilising of some classic breaks. Watch out for the dubstep cut ‘Give It Away‘, which tempers their production style down to 140bpm with added vocals from Sarah Mitra.Guest apprearances on the album include Cern on one of the albums highlights, ‘Tracer’, as well as Commercial Suicide boss Klute on ‘Visitation’, which steps with seriously gully bass synths stabs. Other notable highlights onIn From The Wild‘ include the tracks ‘Lights’ and ‘Reflections’, two of the albums slightly more gentler and melodic offerings. My choice cuts though are ‘ST1’, a bleepy roller with untold amounts of swing (listen to it and try not to rock your head back and forth) and ‘No Way Out’. A personal favourite for me as it harks to back to the sound of some their material on Quarantine back in the day. Raw and true D&B in its purest form, Survival and Silent Witness have cultivated an album that should get many repeated listens and have seriously set the bar for drum and bass LP’s in a year that should be another strong one for this genre album wise. Superb.