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Nastia: “That’s my job and that’s how it works with me.”



How much strain does a heavy touring schedule place on your personal life? How to you mange the schedule and being a mother for example?

I feel very comfortable with it. I love to travel and travel alone. The only thing is yes – my daughter. Sometimes I feel sad I don’t give her myself as much every normal Mum does. But then I see beautiful sides of it: she misses me so much, so she tries to make me happy anytime any and everywhere we go and when I come back home, it’s the most excited moment for her and we enjoy every minute we are together. It’s a pure love, pure feeling without any allusion of routine. 

I started to travel like crazy when she was two and a half years old. At first my friends were helping me and my friends are 98% boys. Then my mother got divorced and she moved to my place, so she was taking care of her. But now I’ve finished building a new house for her and she moved to her place, so my aunt is looking after Uliana now and she is the most beautiful, peaceful and kind person, so I am not worried at all. But I love love love to take care of my girl when I am come back home, I like to spend time with her and have fun. She is my friend; after all there is only 20 years difference between us. She is very adult-like already. She is already going to the first class at school now. I wake up at 6 in the morning, cook breakfast, wake her up, get her ready and take her to school. She is also a very busy girl: she takes choreography, swimming, music and drawing classes besides her regular schooling. She travels with me sometimes but I’ve still managed to have my own life out of it. I have my travels, my job and my passions. I am the best in managing my schedule when I leave a home for a long time. Well organized, focused and responsible – this what how my life taught me how to be.  

Where are you favourite places to travel to and play? 

I love to go to Japan and South America. I am in Ecuador right now and it’s extremely impressive. I fell in love with this country and it’s in the top 5 for me now. To play – it’s difficult. I like to play everywhere where people are ready and open minded to get me. You can play in the same place twice, but every time it will be different, because a party depends on many, many things: from your mood, to the mood of the people who come to listen to you, the sound, promoters who take care of you – the way they do it. Atmosphere is a very delicate matter. 


What festivals / gigs have impressed you the most this summer? 

There are few of them. I’ll look into my past gigs to tell you. I had a great night at Closer club in Kiev. It’s a unique place, similar to Arma17 in mood and concept, but smaller. I played on 21st of June there from 9 in the morning till 4 pm and it was a very special party.

I also really liked to play at DC10-Ibiza for Circoloco. Everything was perfect there for me: time of my set, my mood, and the people. I did a great job there and really enjoyed it. Altavoz in Chioggia (Italy) also was so much fun (laughs.) I am smiling thinking about that night (laughs again.) Maraton Festival in Romania with my lovely Romanian friends and also the last summer party on Las Palmas in Spain for Mood Club – those were happy times! 

Sounds like an evenful summer. How was Music On this summer? Are Marco and his crew good to party with?

(Laughs.) What a provocative question! The team is good, well organized and professional. I liked that. I played first and in a techno room. I only really enjoyed the end when I got into the vibe for the last hour. But actually, I didn’t feel a strong energy and I didn’t party with Marco. When I finished he was playing so I only came to say hi and then I left because it was too messy, too full and just too much. It was my first experience with Music On and in Amnesia, so after the first time you can’t be objective. 

That’s interesting. How would you describe the vibe that you try to create on the dance floor?

The music? To describe?  That’s impossible, because I play lots of different styles. I like and play everything, I don’t have one style. But the mood I want to create – I just wanna make people dance and smile. I wanna play at the kind of party they will remember for a long time. I am there for them, I am not selfish. Every party is like a challenge, like a new journey and there is always only the one aim – happiness.  

Naturally you focus will remain on DJing but might we release release some music of your own in the future?

I am working on it already (laughs) Just give me some time!

 Words: Seth White


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