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Mixing It Up: Dor Levi



We caught up with Tel-Aviv native, Berlin-based, techno-house producer Dor Levi before his label party with Oval Space Music and secretsundaze on Sunday the 30th of June 2013. A founding member of Cheap Friday in Tel-Aviv, Dor eventually moved to Berlin to join the ranks at Dial Records. Since then, Dor (along with Carsten Jost and Lawrence) has created the sub-label Laid Records, which focuses solely on vinyl-only releases, bringing you quality, respected tunes and evoking a more sentimental attachment to the music itself. Next Sunday will double as a Laid Records Party to be held on the Oval Space terrace. Not one to miss! 

How’s Berlin treating you since the big move from Tel-Aviv several years ago? Any differences in culture that still stand out to you?

Berlin is great, in many ways these days it feels more home for me than Tel-Aviv does although food is definitely one thing that I still haven’t got used to! I do miss the food in Israel.  Also In Israel people are much more “Hands On” and are a bit more out of the box whilst in Germany much of the times, there can be this “Computer says no” attitude. But, in general, people here have much more personal space and no one is getting involved in their stuff which is great sometimes but at other times you do want more people to get involved.

Could you tell us about the progression of your sub-label of Dial Records, Laid Records? Has the vinyl-only aspect led to any setbacks or has it been unfolding as planned?

At the moment it is at kind of a crossroads since David (Carsten Jost) and Pete (Lawrence) have their Gallery Mathew and Dial, I have my work and some other projects I’m working on so Laid is kind of on the backburner. Regarding vinyl-only, our intention was never to make an “elite limited” label we just chose to release it on vinyl because we all play on vinyl and we wanted to support the format, we’re definitely not supporting crazy discogs prices and “limited culture”! I don’t think it set us back; Laid was always the counterpart of Dial and another outlet for music we love, none of us ever thought or wanted it to become more than that.

What’s going on with the website with all its various black-and-white pictures that need to be dragged away to find the audio previews? I’ve seen a woman on fire, kittens held hostage, the length of a penis measured by a stack of  hardcover books, and even a rejection letter from Djax Records. Is that anyone on the label’s personal letter? (www.laid-rec.de

All credit goes to Clay Lernen the man behind the website and our dear friend and David (Carsten Jost). You’ll have to ask them. Under all those things are also the audio files for the tracks. And yes, the rejection letter is from someone here (laughs) You should definitely check David’s work and the art they have on the gallery.

Looking forward to your Laid Records party on the terrace at secretsundaze meets Oval Space Music? I’m sure Giles Smith and James Priestley will be made up to have you on board.

Yes, I’m really happy it turned out this way as I think our styles will really compliment each other. I’ve know the secretsundaze guys for years now and always wanted to do something together so it’s great when some things just happen naturally.  

secretsundaze meets Oval Space Music – June 30th from Oval Space on Vimeo.


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