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Mixing It Up: Dor Levi



What makes a venue ideal? Would you be up for painting us a picture?

That’s a tough one also changes a lot. If you would ask me 10 years ago, I would say darkness, strobe, smoke and soundsystem. Now, it will be very different. The most important thing for me is important to feel yourself in the venue, I like venues that you can have girls/guys on high heels dancing next to barefoot ravers and guys with leather and everyone feels comfortable since it’s  not really about any them individually. It has to feel free and open and not very homogenic… There has to be some places to escape inside the club and just relax/talk and spectate for awhile. Mixed toilets are always good. And lets not forget Sound, but maybe its already asking too much!

If I could the club would also have basic clubbing etiquette lessons so you’d have to learn how to walk in a club without pushing/stepping, how to hold & dance while smoking and such various things. Kind of like the safety instructions on a plane, but now I’m just being bitchy!

What’s your favourite record in your collection? Any recent purchases you feel like raving about?

That is also changing constantly when I first heard the questions before answering I had one answer in my mind now I already have 5 others! Last weekend, I went out and I was kinda bummed since for 6 hours I haven’t heard one track that I loved. So I got back home and put on some of David’s (Carsten Jost) records, I love David he is one of my favorite producers and I’m trying to push him to release again so I recommend all his releases and I assume I’ll grab some of them to take with me to Oval Space. Besides that, the upcoming Fred P and the new IVVVO releases are amazing. And there is one track I’m waiting for is a new Lawrence/Sten from the upcoming album. It’s one of those tracks that can go on forever. I think it’s called Marlen so stay tuned…

If you want to catch Dor live at London’s Oval Space on the 30th alongside Lowtec, Carsten Jost, Sven Weisemann, Amir Alexander, James Priestly and Giles Smith head over to www.ovalspace.co.uk/portfolio/3006-os-music-on-the-terrace-laid-records/ for more details


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