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Luke Solomon: Throwing Caution To The Wind



The funny thing about that is the only artists who feel that way that I’ve met are the ones who are making what I consider rubbish music.

[Laughs] Funny that isn’t it?  I’m my own worst enemy and can sometimes sit and pontificate on my work but aren’t as bad as I used to be. I’ve had quite a drastic lifestyle change and after struggling with mental health and life  situations such as death and grief and things like that and out of all of the heartache which comes with creativity I feel like I’ve started to learn and become the person I hoped I would become. Without wishing to get too deep with you I’ve kind of had to go through a whole process and deal with grief in order to learn how to not be so precious about absolutely everything that I do. Sometimes you need to think “Fuck it. Let’s throw caution to the wind. Could I do better? Probably but it’s kinda cool and I like it so lets see where the road goes.”

So is this how your aliases have developed? You’re playing with the man of many aliases Green Velvet as Green Velvet and Cajmere at Random Magic this bank holiday weekend in London.

I guess for me it was kind of a confidence thing as I was thinking should I put my name to it or not? So as not to take the flack if nobody likes it! But I’m letting go of that now as I’ve done that whole mysterious producer thing. I think you can easily trace back the stuff I did under aliases and it’s interesting to hear people  say “oh I didn’t know that was you!”

So have we heard the last of Digital Kid then?

Yeah. The whole point of the album was that was the end for him. He’s dead. It felt like a good sendoff from me for Digital Kid with a release I was really proud of so that was a nice way to for that to end. I’ve learned a lot from Derrick Carter in that he doesn’t like to go back and revisit things which is a huge hypocrisy from me as we decided to put Classic to bed but then I changed my mind but that’s a whole different story…


That has been like a strange loop but we’re all glad to see it back.

Cheers. Well it was a weird one that one as it was an odd set of circumstances as house music was starting to get really exciting again and with a name like Classic it’s quite a difficult one to walk away from as I was starting to hear so much more music I was falling in love with. Especially now as Classic almost feels like a new record label. I said to Derrick that I’d love to do it all over again but I don’t think anyone has ever really tried to achieve that. Not to just start something up again but a complete rebirth where it’s fresh and new and there is a younger generation behind it and you’re just applying the same aesthetic and ideas but utilizing the youth of people that have grown up with the label, been inspired by it and now want to work and be a part of it and it’s future. I love that. Working with Dan Beaumont, working with Severino and people like that. I love that people like Matt Tolfrey want to be a part of the label and that it’s a real honour for them. That makes me feel really excited.

Exciting times. Let’s talk about your upcoming album Timelines and your feelings and inspirations for it.

It’s a weird one actually. The idea was to make the album part of a trilogy, this one being representative of my more Balearic roots. The original version that was completed fell on deaf ears quite considerably and it became a bit of a sticking point for me. I decided to put it to one side and in the process started working on some other music, which in turn, helped me stumble across a new sound and production technique. The initial idea was to work on a series of songs that represented significant points in my life. It then became more relevant to the six years of writing and producing the album. A lot of shit happened, and I was able to pour it into finally completing the album.

With Timelines I wanted to work something that was very live and electronic and work with a lot of vocalists. The album was always going to be very vocal led and this saw me going to lots of different studios and unfortunately spending a ridiculous amount of money making the album but it was something I really needed to do and luckily I was in a position where I could take such an approach to proper song writing. It enabled me to spread my wings a lot more as to where I could take electronic music within the confines of a 4/4 beat.

I’m already working on follow up which I’m working on is called out of sync.  I’m working with the likes of DJ Parrott and I just really want to make something incredibly noisy and industrial and out there. I’ll probably alienate myself even more than I have already!

There is a really interesting scene coming out of Sheffield at the moment that I want to tip my hat to and historically I want to pay homage to Warp and all the great stuff that’s come out of the city.

Based in London? You can catch Luke playing back to back with Neville Watson this Saturday May 3rd at Fire alongside Cajmere, Green Velvet and Boddika.  Visit here for more information and tickets: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?573172


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