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Jordan Peaks Underrated tracks from the last 7 Years you NEED to Know


With support from major industry names from the start, DJ/producer Jordan Peak blasted onto the scene in 2013, mixing classic house and techno with a more experimental strand, soundtracking many of our best rave moments. Then complications combining cystic fibrosis and a bad experience of being spiked at a gig led to physical and mental health battles, imposing a 7-year musical hiatus. This summer, he returned triumphant with his ‘Less Drama, More Party’ EP which as before, garnered support from BBC Radio 1 and beyond. 

To cap his comeback, Jordan launches his own imprint Peak Trax with its first release, 3-tracker ‘Ultrasonic’, out now. To celebrate, we asked him to pick 10 absolute heaters from the last 7 years that have slipped under the radar, and why they are worth rediscovering…

Jordan Peak “Routine Anxiety” (2015, Instinkt Records) 

This was a track I really liked on the last release I put out before I had to take a break from music due to complications with my lung disease cystic fibrosis and a bad experience of being spiked at a gig that started a long battle with anxiety and depression. After that night I’d get panic attacks every time I was at a party worried that I’d get spiked again. I even came off 10 minutes early at a gig in Maastricht and went backstage and broke down crying as it all got too much and I felt like I was losing control of myself. I got back to the hotel, crying and called my mum at 5am telling her it happened again.

 I’m so lucky to have the most supportive and understanding family that are always there for me if I ever need them. I needed the break desperately to sort myself out otherwise something bad could have happened. I’m just so happy to be doing music again and as bad as that time was I’m thankful for it as it really taught me what is and isn’t important in life

Morgan Seatree “Chandler 95” (The Phantom Frequency ReMiXXX) (2020, Make You Move Records) 

After I took my break from music for both physical and mental health reasons it had been 6 years since I had put any music out. I knew a lot had changed since I was releasing and DJing regularly and being the great overthinker I am, I thought no one would remember or even care about me doing music so I decided to come back using ‘The Phantom Frequency’ as my new artist name. I did think of P.E.A.K. Frequency but then told myself “No that’s too similar to my name, I need a fresh start.” I was excited to be doing music again as I had learnt so much more production-wise and was keen to share my new music with everyone. 

After this remix came out, chats with Darius Syrossian and also Timmy P & Devstar who both run Make You Move Records convinced me to stick with my real name and I’m so glad I listened. The next release after this remix was my first EP in seven years and I called it “Less Drama, More Party,” a rave take on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” to remind me of the mental health battles and how I’ve learnt to cope with anxiety & depression much, much better. Seeing all the positive feedback it got brought a huge smile to my face and it completely blew me away that it was played on Radio 1’s dance shows for 5 weeks in a row. I have so much new music to share with all you amazing party people, I can’t wait to get it all out there for you. Much love. 

Matt Tolfrey, Frank Storm “What To Say” (DJ Deeon Remix) (2018, Rawthentic)

I love everything about this. All the individual parts on their own are killer let alone together in the whole track. DJ Deeon is someone whose records I always have in my sets and I’ve known Matt Tolfrey for a while and love his stuff and Leftroom label. Shout out to Rawthentic by the way 😉

Negroni Nails “White Matter” (2019, Klakson)

I played this to my friend the first time I heard it, saying “You need to check out this amazing track I’ve found” and he replied, “This is such a Jordan track.” Drums, awesome, bass, awesome, trippy vocal stabs . . . you guessed it, awesome! I think this is actually Steffi & Privacy collaborating together on her Klakson label 

Hugo Massien “Lust & Sound” (2019, Dance Trax)

This is on Dancetrax which is part of the Unknown To The Unknown family of labels, all of which I love. This has elements of breakbeat, electro and acid house to it. Hugo Massien is someone I have a lot of records from in my collection, a very, very talented producer indeed.

Dusky “Yoohoo” (Benton remix) (2014, 17 Steps)

Not quite in the seven years but couldn’t resist… It’s a pretty hard task to make a Dusky record better than the original as those guys are so good but breakbeat bad boy Benton (how’s that for alliteration, my old English teacher would be so proud) somehow manages to do it. I’ve been experimenting with breaks & electro recently as I’ve always liked to play them in my sets when I think the crowd and gig is right for it alongside the house and techno I’m more known for. After making music for a long time I’m finally happy with the breaks and electro styles I’m making. A big reason why I started my label Peak Trax is to show that I make and play a variety of electronic music and you should expect a real sonic journey from me when you hear me play.

Dennis Quin “Fuego” (2021, Moxy Musik)

Dennis has made some killer, killer records the last few years and it was hard to pick between this and the track he did on Madhouse with Shermanology “Move Right Out My Way” but this is such a class tech house roller and has a groove to it you could happily leave on repeat for a very long time and not get bored. Shout out to Moxy Muzik by the way 😉

Robag Wruhme “Wuzzelbud FF” (2018, Hart & Tief)

I think I make ok-ish music but then I listen to this and am just blown away every single time. The very definition of warehouse party music. Dark, sexy, trippy and still groovy. Play it slower for a house set or speed it up for a techno set and it works perfectly in either.

Fear E “Kappa Track” (2020, Super Rhythm Trax) 

Another label I have a bazillion (ok maybe not that many) records from in my collection. As I’ve said before I like playing across the spectrum of house and techno and try to make my sets a journey as cliched as that may sound and I look for records that sound euphoric, hypnotic and almost “Trancey” without going full on Trance, not that there’s anything wrong with Trance at all, it’s just not my style personally although there definitely are trance records out there I like and would play, CRW “I Feel Love” (R.A.F. Zone Mix) which is considered Trance is a classic I’d play in my sets. I call these kind of records T.N.T. (Trance Not Trance). This record ticks that euphoric box perfectly, I love the synth lead in this. Take a shot every time I used the word Trance in this description, you’d be drunk in no time . . . Trance 😂

Stef Mendesidis “Memorex” (2020, Clergy)

I get told I have an “old school” sound and style which I don’t know is a compliment or a put down, I’ve just always gravitated to sounds that are the building blocks and foundations for house and techno music. This track by Stef Mendesidis for example is the definition of timeless, if you told me Kevin Saunderson or Robert Hood made it 20/30 years ago in Detroit then I’d have believed you and that as far as I’m concerned is high praise indeed

Jordan Peak ‘Ultrasonic’ EP is out now on his Peak Trax imprint. Get it on Beatport or stream it on Spotify

Connect with Jordan Peak on Spotify | Soundcloud | Instagram 

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