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Introducing: Luigi Madonna



Luigi Madonna began his passion for house music in 1996 at only 11 years of age, his desire to pursue his passion led him to purchase decks and not waste any time. Having started early Luigi gained many musical influences, which led him to experiment with new sounds, the Campania clubbing scene quickly recognised his potential and provided him with the foundations to express his particular style. Luigi quickly obtained the attention of key figures such as Markantonio, Rino Cerrone and Marco Carola, who saw his potential and supported Luigi within his career. With gigs at the Techno Mecca Old River Park and interest from Drumcode Boss Adam Beyer, it only a matter time before Luigi Madonna would become a household name in the world of Techno.

With Neapolitan Techno stamping its authority on the dance music world, it is only fitting to talk to one of its driving forces Luigi Madonna. Luigi has made quite the impact on the dance music world, he boasts an impressive CV, which include releases on Adam Beyers Drumcode and sets at the world famous Awakenings festival. Making a name for himself across Europe, Luigi has already established a loyal following in the UK playing regularly for Familia at EGG LDN, today we were able to spare a few moments with the Italian DJ after he played Materia at Privilege, in which he talks about his beloved hometown Napoli and key moments in his career.


Materia at Privilege in Ibiza, is Marco Bailey’s unique vision and concept of how techno should be experienced. Inviting a string of like-minded artists, Marco and his Materia brand have unquestionably weaved an unopposed network of events which have become nothing short of legendary for clubbers. A truly outstanding culmination of techno icon’s, the lineups speak for themselves, from peak time artists such as Sam Paganini, Julian Jeweil and Luigi Madonna to Darker and deep Berlin acts like Marcel Fengler, VRIL and Rebekah, there’s different shades of techno to suit everyone’s taste.

Hello Luigi Hope everything is going great with touring and thank you for taking the time to speak to us at Data transmission, it is a great pleasure to interview you. I would like to begin discussing the current state of the Neapolitan Techno scene as it seems that it has been growing within recent years, I would like to ask how the local scene in Naples compares to that of Detroit and Berlin? 

Luigi: I believe that Neapolitan Techno is getting really big at the moment, especially with DJs such as Joseph Capriati and a lot of younger DJs starting out, It is hard to compare Neapolitan techno to that of Berlin and Detroit, Neapolitan Techno has also been around for some time, the 1990s was an important period with DJs such as Rico Cerrone. Rino Cerrone was a pioneer for Neapolitan Techno and amongst the first DJs from Naples that became well known for playing the music

That’s interesting I didn’t realize Neapolitan Techno was around for that long I think Neapolitan Techno can compete with that of Detroit and Berlin as it still seems fresh. Obviously now you are becoming well known not just in Italy but in Europe for representing the Neapolitan scene, I just want to talk about your E.P Primo and your feelings when it was signed by Adam Beyer’s Drumcode?

It was an amazing feeling for me especially with the reputation of the label. It felt that I was taking a new step in my career

I would like to ask you Luigi the moment in which you knew that electronic music and DJing could become a long-term profession?

I knew I could do this long-term when I realized that I was having support from DJ’s such as Rino Cerrone and Markantonio. They were playing my music in their DJ sets regularly and some of my tracks were being released on Analytic Trail (Markantonios label). I was approached International talent in Naples who are one of the biggest promoters around and have hosted the best names in dance music. This along with the support from the Napoli crew who believed in me was when I fully understood.


I want to talk about the relationship that you have with Familia, I feel that they really have a unique following, which strongly represents nights in Napoli and similar cities.

Luigi : I have a great good relationship with Familia I have been playing at their parties for a number of years now I played their in April and am due to play there in the summer alongside Roberto Capuano and Luigi Madonna so it is truly a Neapolitan affair, Familia are actually like my family (Luigi Laughs)

That sounds like it’s going to be crazy and a perfect lineup for a summer party.  What are the plans for the future?

Luigi: I am mainly gigging and am due to play in Ibiza at Amnesia, Privilege and Awakenings again in October, which should be great. I am also due to play at Cacao beach for the first time, I am extremely excited for this. I also have a new project with Roberto Capuano, so I will also be working on that.

Very busy then
Luigi: Laughs

Going back to Napoli what do you think of the future of the techno scene and the importance of artists coming through?

Luigi : The future of Neapolitan Techno is really big but it can also become a major flag in dance music. There are so many artists coming through, there are the main DJ’s such as Marco Carola and Joseph Capriati, but there is also a new breed with DJ’s such as Roberto Capuano.

I am a frequent visitor of Naples and always sense a special feeling when I go to techno events there, what makes Napoli so special to you?

Luigi : It is so special to me I cannot really explain why you have to really feel it for yourself, its very similar to Barcelona but a different vibe, visiting is the only way to experience Napoli and its vibe.


I understand exactly what you mean I would like to address on what got you into electronic music in the first place? Who were your early influences and favorite DJ’s?

Luigi: Well I started DJ’ng at 11 years old and really liked Chicago House so I will have to say the legend Frankie Knuckles, he has been the greatest inspiration for me.

If you can remember can you tell us about your first ever DJ set?

Luigi : Its hard for me to remember as I started so young, however I can tell you about my most memorable, it was at Old River Park in Naples it was a legendary spot for Italian Techno music and I opened up to one of my Idols Rino Cerrone I was very nervous. It was so special to me.

I have one final question for you Luigi, what DJ/producers should we be looking out for in the future?

Luigi: Roberto Capuano is definitely one of them he is doing very well at the moment and getting bigger and also Mars Bill who is very young and making an impact within Italy.

I will definitely keep an eye out for them in the future.  I want to thank you Luigi for taking the time to speak to me today, I wish you all the best for the future and hopefully try and catch you at Egg London on August 13th. 

Marco Bailey’s Materia at Privillege runs on Sundays till 28th August for more information and tickets head to http://tickets.privilegeibiza.com/


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