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We’ve recently heard rumblings of a mysterious DJ currently taking Viper Recordings by storm. What we discovered after some serious detective work, is that Giganti is a new alias for someone on the dnb scene. Now when I say “track down” what I really mean is he popped into my emails waving an electronic red flag around shouting “Oi Oi…fancy listening to some new drum and bass? Also, can we do a feature all about me?!” On a grey winterish morning there is nothing I like more than new dnb, so of course, I said…“er yeah, definitely to the dnb, not sure what we can do about a feature.”  To which he replied “Let me re-phrase that…You will do a feature all about me!” I decided it was probably not a good idea to argue with someone with his history and to be honest…I kinda like my kneecaps!

So, here he is, written in his own words (as per his commands), may I introduce you to…Giganti!

I’ve been a fan of Drum & Bass for a long time, and have strived to create my own music for many years. Alas, trying to be a crime boss and make music at the same time just doesn’t go hand In hand. But after a bit of reshuffling, I’m taking a break from organized crime to focus on my other passion – music. For obvious reasons, I can’t go into the crime part too much.

Luckily (for him), Viper head honcho Futurebound agreed to my terms and my relationship with Viper began. Thus far we’ve released ‘Roll It’ and my remix of BMotion’s ‘Something Something’ and now ‘The Face Off’ and ‘Peacock Strut’. I think the tracks released so far give a pretty good idea as to what to expect from me, with a few curve balls possibly thrown in for future releases.

There’s lots of new music in the works and with a bit of luck, it’s accepted without the need for any extra ‘persuasion’.

A few things about me:

I have a cousin called Johnny Tight Lips he doesn’t say much.

My name Giganti, is based on American gangster Vincent Gigante. Our association can’t be disclosed completely, but let’s say he’s a good guy.

I don’t currently live in any specific location so as to throw the feds off my scent.

Some of my favourite artists at the moment are Dossa & Locuzzed, Benny L, Dimension, Cyantific and The Eagles.

A man by the name of Chuck Norris once challenged me to a dual; he’s now just the stuff of legend.

The Future:

After pressing reset and starting this new alias of Giganti, I definitely have a new lease of life in regards to my music, and I’m very excited about the future, continuing to build and sculpt this ‘new me’ along side the great guys at Viper, who recently signed me exclusively and have had a big input into this project helping with all aspects not just the music. So from the family and myself, I say a big thank you, and to everyone who has supported me thus far, I say Grazie, and of course Un Salutone to Data Transmission!

Giganti xx

Look out for our premiere of Giganti ‘The Face Off’ dropping tomorrow! It will also be available as a Beatport exclusive from tomorrow with the full release on the 14th December! Pre-order here


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