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5 Facts, 5 Tracks: Jack Mirror


Viper’s newest exclusive signing is the incredibly talented newcomer Jack Mirror, who made his debut with ‘Assimilate’ on Viper’s Annual 2019. A label that prides itself on discovering the freshest talent, Viper head honcho Futurebound knew after hearing just one demo that Jack Mirror would be a welcome addition to the ever-growing roster of talent. Sitting alongside names like formidable scene veteran Cyantific, funk masters Dossa & Locuzzed, creative masterminds Ekko & Sidetrack, and fellow new signee Giganti, there’s no questioning Jack Mirror’s productions are a perfect addition to the evolving sound of Viper.

5 Facts:

  • Jack Mirror is a nod to Black Mirror, all track concepts / titles are inspired by some kind of dystopian art in another form.
  • I used to produce music under a different name, with releases on Liquicity & Monstercat.
  • I sent some terrible music to Futurebound (Viper) many years ago for consideration on the label, he politely declined and told me to go and work on my production.
  • I would’ve rather been a guitarist in a Metal band, but couldn’t find any mates nearby when I was growing up that liked the music.
  • I used to work in music PR, so it’s very strange to be doing one of these pieces myself rather than arranging it for other artists.

5 Tracks:

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

This was my first real introduction to dance music. I have a strong memory of being 7 years old, and my Dad having just picked up a copy of The Fat of the Land he was keen to show me. He put it on his HiFi and I remember thinking “oh this is okay I guess” whilst the filtered section of the intro played out. Then seemingly out of nowhere this enormous subby kick comes in, rattling the windows, and it absolutely blew me away. From that moment I was hooked.

At the time of writing this it hasn’t even been 24hrs since the news broke regarding Keith Flint’s death, I feel very fortunate to have been able to see them live and witness his raw energy first hand, an incredible presence. RIP.

Pendulum – The Tempest

Pendulum were my first real exposure to Drum & Bass, they were really the main catalyst as up until then I had been listening to a lot of Metal and was a keen drummer / guitarist. The instrumental elements they included, performing as a live band, paired with the production qualities and overall sonic power of Dance music was just what I was after.

It’s tough for me to pick just 1 record of theirs, but this one just takes the edge. They closed their Wembley 2010 show with it as an encore, like proper fanatics a friend and I had got to the venue at 10am that day to sit in line to make sure we got to the front, the atmosphere of the arena during the breakdown before the tracks finale was something I will never forget.

Dimension – Automatik

I’m a big fan of Dimension’s music but I remember this track particularly catching my ear. It was being premiered by Annie Mac as her hottest record in the world, I was in the car at the time and was keen to hear it having been really into his previous melodic tracks like Dark Lights and Pull Me Under. When hearing Automatik I was impressed by how much his style had developed and matured.

This kind of high energy, gritty yet melodic Drum & Bass is what I enjoy listening to and writing the most amongst the vast array of styles that D&B offers.

Mitch Murder – In The News

Synthwave is something I’ve only knowingly got into fairly recently upon learning what it actually is, but the 80s aesthetic is something I have always enjoyed. I love how the music manages to somehow make me feel nostalgia for an era that I wasnt even alive for, in particular In The News with its infectiously melancholic feel.

I found myself frequently listening to Synthwave for inspiration when stuck for synth sound ideas for my productions, and it has since become a staple in my approach to writing.

Killswitch Engage – This is Absolution

I couldn’t write an inspirations piece without acknowledging the sheer volume of Metal I consumed at a young age. I used to religiously listen to bands like Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, and In Flames, to the delight of my parents.

I can’t quite pin down exactly how this genre has influenced the music I write today other than it also being dark and high energy, Drum & Bass just felt like a very natural progression.

Jack Mirror’s newest offering ‘Utopia/Reset’ drops on Viper Recordings on Friday 8th March and is available to pre-order here


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