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Ian O’Donovan & Madben – Dual EP


CS498416-01A-BIG.jpgLabel: Electronical ReedsScore: 8/10 

Electronical Reeds is a label that tends to focus around a fairly house-centric agenda. Nothing wrong with that, of course, it’s simply that it makes their most recent outing from Ian O’Donovan & Madben an even more curious proposition. The Dual EP sees the pairing deliver a solo track and remixing the others said offering – and it’s constructed on a brilliantly techno-inspired edge that emphatically proves the label’s diverse credentials.

Opening the package is the mysterious, haunting sounds of O’Donovan’s ”Omega Centauri”. Brimming with sprightly energy, it takes the listener on a journey that’s in part retro, in other parts contemporary. The influence of Jeff Mills et al is perhaps at its most pronounced here, what with this being a squelchy track with a futuristic, forward thinking approach. Madben’s more restrained take on the original works pays dividends too, as he lets the melodic synth stabs lead the way.

Next up is Madben’s ”Your Little Voice”. Playful and celestial, it meanders on a stuffy, sticky level before the firm kicks remind us of our dancing duties. O’Donovan then returns the favour as Madben did earlier, with a subtle remix that showcases the pair’s adept way of complimenting the others work. A true triumph for the label and the artists involved.



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