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Eli & Fur, both 23, have been making music together since they met in college. They both grew up in London and have known each other since the age of 16.Eli has been singing, playing guitar and writing songs since she was 12 while Fur grew up fixated on art and design whilst listening to a whole spectrum of pop, dance and house music.After college they entered the world of DJ’ing and have quickly made a name for themselves playing all over the world in cities like Tokyo, London and Los Angeles. Their own tracks have also started to gain big attention on the blogosphere and things only look like they’ll get bigger in 2013…  be sure to come and watch them in action for our trendsetting Data Transmission party on Jan 12th.You guys first met each other at performing arts school. What did you each specialize in and how have you brought that skill to Eli & Fur?   Eli: I studied music technology, media and English and Fur did art, textiles and photography. All have been an amazing help, being able to go to school and learn production and recording was just awesome, neither of us have ever really been into more academic subjects, it was so great to be able to study what we are both so passionate about, thats what really got us both into it. We still record each other when we sing and produce together. Art and English are both creative subjects that have helped too, with all aspects of Eli & Fur, artwork, lyrics, styling, it was a great place to develop those skills.   How important is the connection between art, style and music for you guys?   Fur: I think it depends on who you are and what you are trying to get across but for us we would defiantly say yes. We love all three things and to be able to incorporate them all into Eli & Fur is an exciting aspect for us. The music is obviously the most important but we love getting involved in all the artwork and styling and think there is a lot more we can do in these areas over time. What inspires you when it comes to clothes? You seem to like a lot of leather?   Fur: I think I take inspiration from all kinds of things, everyday things, subconsciously seeing things that inspire me without really even noticing. I look on a few blogs and that gives me ideas. I also love customising things. Sand papering my jeans so they are pretty much falling apart and cutting sleeves of t-shirts. I love vintage clothing and mixing it with high street clothes. I like leather and maybe even pleather, mainly jackets. really old worn out ones.  What music were you into growing up?   Eli: Oh a lot of different stuff, I didn’t have a lot of access to music when I was really young though as my family aren’t very musical, I remember having a karaoke tape when I was about 9 that had Kylie Minogue-I Should Be So Lucky on it, the instrumental on one side and then original on the other and I would sit in my room for hours listening to it. Around 12 I was into anything guitar based, I loved blues, soul, rocknroll, older bands like the stones and the clash and new blues singers that i would find online, I also loved Oasis and Travis, I would sit in my room for hours playing guitar and learning their songs, I didn’t get into dance music till about 16.   Fur: I grew up listening to my mums CD’s Depeche Mode, boy George, madonna, simply red. Quite a mix of stuff! My favourite song when I was 8 was Duran Duran-Hungry Like The Wolf. I used to listen to that on repeat. My dad used to play the soundtrack from the film “the Piano” which I also liked. I think music is so much more accessible these days my 7 year cousin loves Katy Perry and Swedish House Mafia, I don’t think I got a disk man till I was about 10!     Did you play any instruments yourselves? Eli: I play guitar and keyboards and Fur plays keyboards too.     How did you get involved with writing songs for Xenomania Eli? Eli: I was writing my own songs at the time and I had a little demo which i had been sending around to music company’s, all I wanted was a job in music, there was nothing else I had ever wanted to do. It was my last week at school and I got call from Miranda at Xenomania asking if i wanted to come in and do some work experience, I remember being so excited and very nervous! I spent 5 weeks there making tea and organising Cds, they even paid me a little, till I ended up being offered a job, I couldn’t believe it. I continued to work in the office doing admin and then started to have a go at writing which I eventually got to be doing full time. I’m still in touch with the guys down there and we both still write when we can. Do you think those skills are transferable to more electronic music at all?   Eli: Yes definitely,I guess a good melody whether its over pop or electronic music is always a great thing to achieve, if its a vocal or a synth line. There are definitely more commercial melodies and sounds than others but working at a company like that really helped with being able to identify certain hooks, lyrical ideas etc there are so many talented musicians and engineers there and I tried to learn as much as I could.   How would you describe the music you make in your own words? Eli: We would like to think that it has a dark, mysterious feel about it. Dance music that has strong vocal parts. We are at such an early stage of creating our own stuff though, I think further down the line we will be able to describe it better as we continue to make more music. How do you record your music? Is there lots of hardware involved or do you tend to work more with software?   Eli: A mix really, we use Logic and Ableton and then controllers such as the APC40. We play guitar and keyboards so that helps too when creating ideas. We love to experiment as much as possible, often the best ideas are formed by just playing stuff live and writing over beats we like. What do you think is the most important factor whilstDJ’ing?   Fur: I think its a big combination of track selection, keeping the crowd going, keeping it exciting and trying new things. We like using old samples, accapellas, beat loops and having a live aspect like singing over tracks or using controllers to play live rhythms. Ableton is great for this as we use it for our live setup anyway, we can record live and experiment more, you have a lot of freedom. I think it’s important not to be scared of making mistakes. Where have you had the best DJ dates so far?   Fur: Recently we played at Stealth in Nottingham it was a great night, we played before Maceo Plex and the crowd was so energetic and you could tell they were true music lovers- Maceo Plex played a wicked set. We played Le Baron in Tokyo which is one of our most memorable, it’s not really like any other club, it’s quite small, it feels intriguing and is always filled with a totally amazing and slightly random crowd.  Creepy red lighting, projections and lots of dark corners down a back alley in Japan,it felt like it almost wasn’t real.  What’s next for you ? Eli: We are currently writing a lot of new music, and just aim to keep putting new and exciting stuff out, lots of DJing and generally just hoping to progress as much as possible over the coming months.


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